Chapter One

I began to write about anything and everything that came to mind. Wherever I went, at whatever hour of the day or night, if anything - and I mean ANYTHING - sprung to mind that could be worked into a short story, I made a note of it. On my hand, in my journal - but rarely, as I saved it for 'official' and 'complete' work - and several times even on the bathroom mirror with my mother's lipstick. Any time, any place, if an idea popped to mind, it would be recorded.

I guessed that that was an important part of being a writer. You can't stop that slow, because when you get writer's block, you'll be wishing you wrote down that one brilliant idea.

I never realised that I harboured such an enthusiasm for writing. I had written some short stories over the years, mostly inspired by an English assignment when I was younger. But never had I done anything like this.

Eventually, my journal really caught some of the action.

It was the beginning of spring, and the trees were just blossoming. The Sanctuary had never looked so lovely - I wished I could spend all my time there, which I almost was.

The idea for my first chapter came to mind as I looked over photos from my childhood.

Most of them were of me in the back garden, playing with our old dog Kippy, but there were a few of me and a little girl. She appeared to be my age, but for all the times I stared at her, trying to place her, I couldn't recall ever knowing her. I'm sure she'd be very flattered if she knew that now.

I guessed I was only four in these photos, and I wondered if this girl had been a little girlfriend I had had back in the day.

As unrealistic as it first sounded, thinking about it made it more and more plausible. There's that stage where you're very young and you're in the 'cute girlfriend' stage, where you'll hold hands and kiss on the lips behind the apple tree, because there's no real awareness of any awkward possibilities. Then you get older and everything gets weird - you don't ever want to get a girlfriend, you just need your lads and your footballs. This is around age 10 and 11. However, as you get past that stage, you become more interested. Girlfriends become more and more of a possibility. And more of an interesting thing.

So maybe a reader would like to hear about a young boy and a young girl holding hands and being all sweet without it being awkward. Maybe then they'd like to hear about how they broke up over that weird stage, and then realised that they were actually quite cute, then got back together.

Maybe an interesting topic for a story would be the span of a relationship over one's entire life.

What if you spent your entire life with only one person?

I began to scribble down my thoughts...

'Chapter One...'

The End

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