Sanctuary Jungle

I have taken to writing "shorts" lately. These are short snapshots into the life of a character meant to exercise your ability to get an audience to care, please tell me what you think!

We were alone standin’ in the back of the church and lookin’ at the little coffin that our friend Buddy was gonna be buried in. The coffin was bright blue and his Mamma had set up trucks and action figures all around it. Tweety said he didn’t know how they managed to squeeze him in there.
“They prolly had to sit on the top to get it to close.” He said noddin’ his head toward the coffin.
Mamma made me wear a black dress that had buttons all the way up the back and I kept gettin’ the words to the Mary Mack hand game stuck in my head.

Mrs. Mary Mack Mack Mack
All Dressed in Black Black Black
With Silver Buttons Buttons Buttons
All down her back back back

I couldn’t finish the rhyme though before Tweety grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up the aisle to the front of the church. We stopped and I looked at all the flowers set up around the coffin, they were so colorful, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, I thought. Then I climbed behind the silver legs and roared at the top of my lungs.
“RAAWWWRRR, I WILL EAT YOU UP!” I yelled at Tweety who was reaching out to grab a Yoshi action figure from the top of the coffin. “I SAID I WILL EAT YOU UP!” I yelled again, and Tweety shoved Yoshi into his pants pocket.
“Katie, we’re in the jungle. Okay, I’ll be Tarzan and you be Jane.” He said grabbin’ onto a vine hangin’ from a tree. Buddy peaked out of his coffin and asked if he could be a British explorer lookin’ for savages. He crawled out and picked up the toy rifle that was leaned up against his coffin. He pointed it in all directions and me and Tweety ran around hidin’ behind bushes and trees, but then we heard somebody comin’ down the hall saying “don’t be banging on the keyboard during the ceremony now, Clyde, no reason to get excited playing the Funeral March.” Buddy crawled back in the casket but I could still see a Yoshi outline in Tweety’s pocket.

The End

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