The first episode of "The Fifth Scientist" where Professor James Williams tries to solve the mystery behind the strange virus which changes the population of Detroit into flesh eating barbarians. Follow the author each week, with a brand new episode which brings you closer to discovering who is the fifth scientist.

Throughout history new cures have been developed to combat the next virus epidemic from spreading out of control. The longest living virus known to mankind “The Common Cold” had no cure until an anti-virus designed by me became known to the public a few months ago. I quickly rose to the top of the science world with the discovery of the anti-virus and with my new found fame, I became somewhat of a celebrity.  After all the interviews and talk show appearances, my life finally reached a point that I deemed normal, by settling into a position as director at the Center Of Disease Control.

On this particular day I found myself taking the long route to work, I missed this sense of normalcy in my life, so instead of a taxi ride I decided to use the train. As I strolled down the stairs to the subway, the morning traffic of people had already started, each push and shove made me regret the decision to take this route. I finally made it to the train and while standing there a young lady caught my eye. She was wearing a black skirt with black nylons stockings, my eyes moved up to see her white blouse and as my eyes met her brown eyes, she started to smile at me. I usually wouldn’t have the confidence to talk to her; I wasn’t muscular just thin, blonde hair, my blue eyes surrounded by my thick black glasses, but with my new fame, my confidence was at a whole new level. “Hi, Dr. Williams James”, I stated when I reached out my hand, as my other hand was holding on to the support pole of the train. “Jamie Peters, and I know who you are” she smiled while shaking my hand. “Is that so” I smiled back. “Yes in fact I am writing an article about your development of the anti-virus for “The Common Cold”, your thumb is actually covering up my face” she said as she pointed at the newspaper in my hand. I looked down at the paper, and sure enough Jamie Peter’s column was right there. I then started to think to myself that this train ride meeting was not designed by fate, but it only made it easier to get a date out of it. “Well would you look at that, what are the odds of us running into each” I said with a smirk. “How about over dinner sometime we can talk about my research” her smiled got even wider, as she accepted my invitation she handed me her card. The next stop was mine, so we shortly parted ways and I continued on my way to work.

I head inside the building and once I got passed security and took the elevator to my floor, I was immediately greeted by my assistant. “Thank God you’re here. A very important conference has been scheduled today”, she said with a relief look on her face. “I didn’t plan a meeting for today” I said stunned. “The secretary of defense did” she stated as she handed me a portfolio. I quickly walked into the conference room, as I was greeted by General Scott and a couple of his advisors. “Good afternoon Professor” the general said. He then reached out his hand to shake mine. I began to shake his hand “Good morning general, what can the CDC do for you today?” I said. “Will you have a seat” he stated while signaling to one of his advisor to flip on the projector. He then began to talk “The military has been working on a new defense weapon for combat” a video clip started to play, and in the video was a group of scientist injecting a rat with some kind of virus. The rat stood there for a couple of minutes before going into compulsions till it didn’t move anymore. The general continued talking “This virus we injected into the specimen made the subject go into complete rage” the video continued on and the rat stood straight up motionless, the scientist then put two more rats into the cage with the infected one. The infected rat didn’t even hesitate before attacking the other two. “Oh my god, what kind of virus is that” I asked the general. “The five scientist were researching away to genetically alter a soldier mind to feel no emotion just the intent to kill, the project was shut down this morning, we believe the virus was based off your work for the anti-virus you developed on “The Common Cold”, since the project was top secret it is hard to say what really went on.” The general advisor switched to a different clip. “Four hours ago in a research center in Detroit Michigan this footage was taken” the general continued.  Two scientist were having compulsion on the floor, while the other three were rushing to their aid. The two scientist began to stop, once they stopped for a moment one person ran to pick up a red phone. Meanwhile the two scientist who had the compulsion stood straight up twitching their head a little bit. The two comforting them stepped back, in a few seconds later out of rage the two scientist started to attack the others in the room, biting into them and throwing them to the ground. After the first bite and all the screaming stopped, the others started to go into compulsion too until everyone in the room just stood up twitching there head looking forward brain dead. “This is impossible” I said putting my hand to my head in disbelief.

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The End

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