Sammy Meets The 'Will It Blend' Guy

'Will it blend, that is the question.'

Sammy let the haze of the previous night, the mixture of rohypnol and champagne drift over him, allowing him to regain consciousness.

He recognised the happy voice of his favourite YouTube star, Tom. That guy who likes to blend stuff.

But it seemed that Sammy was not a spectator today...

'Today, we find out the answer to one of man's oldest questions ... will a mythical creature blend?!'

...he was a participant.

'Hey, what the f-'

But before Sammy could mutter his confused fudgecake based question, he felt a thousand sharp blades cut through him, instantly melting him to little more than mush.

The last sentence Sammy heard before his soul passed on was:

'Unicorn smoke. Don't breathe this!'

The End

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