Sammy meets Tammy

It was a warm summers day in the flowery forest and Sammy was taking his afternoon walk. He loved his afternoon walk, so much so that he would take it every week.

"Oh I wonder what magical creatures I will meet today." He said merrily as he trotted down the long path.

First he saw Zipey the Hedgehog. "Good morning!" He called.

"Good morning!" Zipey called back. Sammy smiled and continued to trot merrily down the path.

Next he saw Marvin the Mouse.

"Good morning!" Sammy called.

"Good morning Sammy!" Marvin said back and with a smile Sammy continued to trot merrily down the path.

Next he met someone he hadn't seen before. It was a beautiful black horse. He was also trotting merrily down the path, this horse however had wings.

"Hello!" Sammy called. "Whats your name!"

"My name is Tammy, and I'm a pegasus." Tammy said proudly.

"Do you think you could teach me to fly?" Sammy asked politly.

"Well yes. Peter Pan taught me, he said you just had to think happy thoughts and then jump!" Tammy said.

"Can we go to the cliff and try it out?" Sammy said with glee. Tammy agreed and they both went to the cliff. Sure enough Tammy thought happy thoughts and flew majestically off the cliff edge. He landed proudly as Sammy yelped with glee, he was so excited.

"Can I try?" Sammy eagerly asked.

"Why yes, remember happy thoughts!"

"Oh boy, just wait until my friends here I can fly." Sammy was bursting with excitement.

He thought the happiest thought he could, took a great run up and-

"WAIT!" Tammy called, Sammy stopped and looked confused at the pegusus.

"Whats wrong?" Sammy asked.

"Well you need Pixie dust! You can't fly without it. Or did you need wings? I'm not sure." Tammy said, he was all in a muddle now.

Sammy felt sad now, he didn't have pixie dust or wings. He looked down and was horrified. By some Cartoony, Cliche'd freak of nature he had stayed suspended in the air. Now he noticed and fell screaming desperatly to a nasty, rocky death.

Poor Sammy.

Tammy realised he probably could have saved Sammy. He thought nothing of it and went home for tea and cakes.

And they all lived happily ever after

Except Sammy, who died in a painful and messy way. Again

The End

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