Sammy and the Giant Whammey

Sammy the magical unicorn was bored. And not just regular bored. Very bored.

Because of this, Sammy decided to go for a stroll through Flowery Forest. Who knew what excitement waited for him there?

As it turned out, very little. Aside from George the Limbless Kitten, who was always fun to look at, Sammy found very little to stop the evercoming wave of boredom that struck him.

So he decided to wander over to Gnome Village. But on the way, he found Bertram, Lucifer to his friends, looking at something odd in the road. So Sammy trotted over to Betram, because Bertram was not Sammy's friend, and said hello.


Bertram ignored him.

"What are you looking at Bertram?"

Bertram ignored him.

"Is that a...."

Sammy's jaw fell slack.

"...a Giant Whammey?"

Bertam sighed, and slowly turned around.

"Yes Sammy, it's a Giant Whammey. I've got to keep an eye on it whilst Tommy, Tammy and Clydesdale go get the Dwarf Police."

"So it's true then?" Sammy gaped. "It really does-"

Bertram turned around, and grabbed Sammy by the mouth. He did this with some difficulty, as unicorns only have hooves.

"Sammy, don't even think about it. Don't talk about it, don't look at it, and whatever you do, don't touch it."


Betram removed his hoof.


"....Sammy, it's true. If anyone touches the Giant Whammey, all chocolate pudding in the entire Pixie Glade will turn into sand."

Sammy's eyes widened, and he struggled to get up.

"Bertram, we have to destroy this. Please, let me watch it. You help Tommy, Tammy and Clydesdale. I'll keep guard."

"I can trust you?"

"With all your heart!"

Bertram sighed. "Fine Sammy. I'll trust you. But if you screw this up...."

"I won't."

"Okay, Sammy. Good luck."

As Sammy watched Bertam's fire-red mane gallop off into the distance, he couldn't help but notice how alluring the Giant Whammey look. How soft. How velvetine.....


Bertram, Tommy, Tammy galloped as fast as they could to where the Giant Whammey was, closely followed by the Dwarf Police. As they sped into the clearing, they were shocked to find...

Sammy, crushed under a fallen branch, with a hoof twitching a centimetre away from the Giant Whammey.

"Phew..." murmered Tommy. "That was close."

"Hold on..." said Constable Shortbottom. "Is he still...."

"No!" Bertram roared, as he dashed towards Sammy.

It was too late.

His hoof had touched the Giant Whammey.

The End

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