Sammy goes to the Zoo

It was a bright Monday morning and Sammy thought it would be a good idea to go for a visit to the zoo. He asked his good friends Oinky the pig, Marvin the mouse and Zipey the Hedgehog to go with him, promising them ice cream.

“Ok Sammy lets go!” They all agreed.

In the zoo they saw a Lion, a Giraffe, an Elephant and Sammy’s favourite a pack of Chavs, all safely behind bars in their animal pens.

Then Sammy saw his old friend Mr Clown. Who, after a few weeks had gotten used to being a ghost and now rather enjoyed it.

“Hello Mr Clown!” Sammy called happily.

“Hello Sammy.” The Clown replied with a ghoulish smile.

“What are you doing at the zoo?” Sammy asked innocently.

“Just being dead. Planning your imminent death.”

Sammy giggled; he didn’t really understand what the clown had just said so he went back to the Lion pen.

“Hello Mr Lion! What’s it like In there?” Sammy said.

“Boring, I get kept up all night because the Chavs keep having parties until four in the morning in the cage next door.” The Lion growled back.

Sammy decided to help Mr Lion and decided to go search for the key. However, in a twist of luck, the clown had already found it!

Sammy thanked Mr Clown and opened the Lions pen, but was very unfortunate to slip on a banana peel that the clown had accidentally dropped and land right in the Lions pen. The Lion then realised he was very hungry and gobbled Sammy up. Nobody noticed Sammy’s horrible screams as he got brutally mauled. Mr Clown giggled as he helped the lion out of the pen.

“Hi guys.” A voice said to Oinky, Marvin and Zippy.

“Who are you?” They said back to someone who looked suspiciously like a lion.

“Why I’m Sammy!” Said Sammy, who definitely was NOT a Lion.

“No your not, you’re a lion.” Said Marvin

“I am, the Lions in there.” Said Sammy as he put on a fake unicorn horn. The others looked in the cage and saw the mangled corpse of what looked like a unicorn. However Sammy and the Clown both insisted it was a lion and that the lion looking guy was obviously Sammy. Eventually everyone agreed, they like the new, NOT Lion Sammy more anyway.

So the moral here is: Even if it looks like a lion, so long as it is wearing a unicorn horn it is DEFINITELY a Unicorn.

The End

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