Sammy and the Forest Fire

It was Wednesday. After returning from the sweatshop, Sammy decided to go to his friend Bartle the Warthog's house for some crumpets and ginger ale. As he arrived at Bartle's house, he saw the warthog sat outside on a reclined chair, smoking a large cigar. Sammy raced towards him.

"Hello Bartles. I've decided to come visit you. Is there any chance of some crumpets?"

"Sammy, you really are an obnoxious freak. You don't come round and take peoples crumpets, you ingrate."

Sammy ignored this little joke from Bartles, and noticed Bartles large cigar.

"Bartles, you know you oughtn't smoke. It's terribly bad for you."

"Bugger off you pink haired donkey!"

Sammy decided to make a kind gesture for Bartles, and with his shining unicorn teeth, grabbed the cigar from Bartles and threw onto the ground. Or at least, he would have done, but Warthogs are known for having terribly strong jaws, and all Sammy managed to do was rip off the smouldering end of the cigar and instantly set fire to his insides.

"Oh buttons..." Sammy mumbled, as the fire spread to the outside of his body.

"Sammy, are you okay? We gotta get some water over here! Anybody!?"

"No, no, it's no trouble. I'll just continue on my way." Sammy didn't like to make a fuss, so despite Bartles cries, he trotted merrily down Flower Forest, flaming pwith both joy and actual burning flames.

"No Sammy you idiot! This whole forest is made of wood! No!"


As Sammy was walking along, he realised that his front left leg and in fact began to melt, and he therefore lost his balance and fell into the kindling- sorry, stick covered path. The path immediatly set ablaze, and it was all Sammy could do to roll over, put himself out, and escape the Forest while he still could.

Watching all his friends and family burn to death as the forest merrily blazed from a nearby hill, Sammy realised that maybe, this was his fault. His sticky stump of what used to be a limb had become infected with parasites, and they gnawed at him from the inside.

"Ouch..." Sammy moaned.

Then Sammy realised that he was probably going to go to hell for this.

The End

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