Sammy meets the Queen

The Queen slid through the forest, waiting for its next magical creature to maim and devour.....

Sammy the magical unicorn was returning from a fruitful shopping experience in Goblin City. He was pondering on why nothing exciting was happening to him recently, when a large man with a long beard stepped out from a bush.

"Hello Sir! What a beautiful day!"

"...I'm not a man. They call me the.... DRAG QUEEN."

The sky darkened, and the temperature dropped. Sammy looked puzzled.

"But you are quite obviously a man. Why do they call you that?"

The 'Drag Queen' took a pace towards Sammy.

"Don't call me that."

"What? A man? But you are-"


The 'Drag Queen' doubled in size, and large talons unfurled from its claws. Sammy looked up. Sammy gulped.

"Oh buttons...."

Sammy was clutched by the massive talons, and was carried straight into the sky. The screams of his final moments were heard all across the Flowery Forest.

No one goes to that part of the forest anymore. It is said that every night, at 12am, the floor is stained blue with Sammy's blood....

The End

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