Sammy and the Acid Rain

Sammy awoke to the chatter of the other animals milling about in his little house.  Less than a house really, it was built with large sheets of dead bark and roofed with giant mushroom pods.  It stunk, but it was home.

"What's going on here?" asked Sammy as he prepared to get up.

"The rains have come Sammy. The rain has come hard." said Brisket the anorexic platypus.

Sammy was curious. He fumbled with the ankle shackles until they gave and he came down to the hard earth floor with the usual 'thud.'  He snapped the pronged dog collar, releasing it, and allowing him to remove the rubber mask with the red ball from his mouth.  And after removing his studded nut cup, he picked up his brush and walked to the doorway while brushing his long pink mane that made his bright blue face glow.

Pushing aside the animals to see for himself, he did not recognize the flowery forest at all.

"What happened?" asked Sammy.

Bullcrock, the flatuent bullfrog, hopped to the doorway. "It's the acid rain. It strips the forest of it's beauty."

"This is terrible," added Litebrite, the flamboyantly gay toucan.  "Our lovely home is no more."


"Did you say something Bullcrock?" asked Brisket.

"No. Excuse me everyone." said Bullcrock embarrassed.

Ignoring the stench of dead flies, Sammy stepped up to closer to the doorway.

"Be careful Sammy." cried Stiffy, the snake that couldn't curl, "Acid rain is very dangerous."

Sammy just laughed and trotted out into the opening. The animals gasped. "Come back Sammy." yelled Litebrite.

"Nonsense!" cried Sammy. "You have it all wrong." And Sammy lifted his head to the skies, opened his mouth and let the rain drench him.

The others watched in horror, but saw that Sammy was not burning as they had thought he would.  Slowly and cautiously they each tip toed outside into the rain.

"Look." said Sammy, "Look at the forest now."

As they looked around, the saw that the flowery forest was returning to it's former self.  Giant flowers bloomed, pools of water became bright and sparkly, leaves glowed and danced in the wind, Jimi Hendrix music blared.

"But how? We thought this was acid rain." asked Bullcrock.

Sammy explained, "It is, Bullcrock, it is. But it isn't the kind you thought. This is the rain that makes the magic happen.  For chrisakes fellows, what did you expect, we live right outside the city dump."

But by now Sammy's words were unrecognizable. Just echoes floating through the canyons of their minds.  And Sammy never looked more radiant. His bright blue torso absolutely glowed and his pink mane frolicked in the wind in slow motion as he danced in circles around the shimmery ground.  No one could take their eyes off of him.

"What the hell, guys" said Stiffy, "Let's all rip Sammy a new one."

And so they did.


The End

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