Sammy and the Ravenous Wolves

All was a flutter in the flowery forest. For it was the day after the sixth appearance since the new moon.  Or, as Sammy and his friends knew it  ... Goodwill Day.

Sammy had entered the clearing at full gallop, to where his friends met each and every Goodwill day. His bright blue hooves stirred the leaves and dirt as he tried to quickly stop.

"I got it. I got it." huffed Sammy as he attempted to catch his breath.

"What is it Sammy?" asked Clydesdale, the gelatinous warthog.

"Goodwill day. I have the most wonderful idea. We must prepare a feast at once for I have invited the wolves to dine as our Goodwill Day event." Gleefully spouted Sammy.

Clydesdale's cigar fell silently out of his jaw and onto the ground. Everyone had froze now and stared at Sammy, who was still gleaming from ear to ear.

Bartles, a nearly four foot tall, iridescent centipede in heat, scooched his way into the clearing, directly facing Sammy.

"And .. why did you do that, Sammy?" Bartles asked indignantly.

"Because!" exclaimed Sammy, smiling even harder. "I had heard that they were 'ravenous!'"

The moment felt like days as they pondered this news.  No one dared move an inch, with the exception of Bartles, who was already feverishly trying to construct a cocoon from the highest branch possible.

"Listen up, Cotton candy-head," barked Clydesdale, finally breaking the silence, " I don't know who drove that ivory coat-hanger horn too deep into your brain to think straight, but, there is no way we are hosting a feast for a pack of ---"

"They're HERE!" squealed Sammy in delight. "Someone start the salad, I'll greet the guests."

And as Sammy turned, he could see several pairs of red eyes between the dark thicket of brush and trees, as they slowly emerged into long, grey, scowling faces, with protruding jowls slurping a steady shiny stream of saliva.

"Welcome to Goodwill Day." cheered Sammy. "Gosh, you all look so hungry."

The wolves paused for a second. The largest one, that led the pack, turned his head as they all looked at each other.  Turning back toward Sammy, the large one said, "Hungry? Excuse me, but we're RA-VEN-OUS."

"Did you hear that?" Sammy squealed as he turned around to face .... no one.  The clearing was empty now but for Sammy and the wolves.

"Oh good!" cried Sammy. "They are off afoot to forage the flowery forest for feasting fundamentals."

When Sammy turned about, the wolves had all entered the clearing and was now in a tight half-circle around Sammy.

"I do apologize for not knowing what we already have around, but let me take your order and I'll see." said Sammy.

"Fella's .." said the largest of wolves, "I don't know about you, but I think I got a hankerin' for perhaps some .... unicorn-on-the-cob."

They all mumbled and growled in amused agreement.

"Well then," Sammy spoke out, "Let me just have a look then."

Sammy trotted merrily over to the big tree with the hollowed out front.

"I think I saw some corn in here before" He muttered while trying to peek into the dark opening. But he couldn't make out a thing.

He turned around to find the wolves were now just a foot in front of him, and one stacked upon the other in a perfect pyramid, with the largest on top, and all drooling like a broken fountain.

Sammy sized up the situation. Here he was alone with self-proclaimed ravenous wolves, while all the others had scurried to regions unknown. All the wolves looked particularly parched and starving ... and impatient.

That's when it hit him. That's when Sammy knew what to do. He was already in front of the storage tree for treats collected in the forest. So Sammy faced the pyramid pack, smiled widely and threw his arms out in the warmest welcoming gesture possible, and loudly proclaimed "Help yourselves!"

.          .        .        .       .       epilogue       .         .           .           .           .

They never speak of Goodwill Day anymore in the flowery forest.

But every now and then, on a slow summer night, when the conversation is bare and in need of a boost. Then, and only sometimes, they will speak about events of that day.  And in particular, they will speak about the strange, curious noises that could be heard, echoing through a deep forest clearing, when a happy-go-lucky Unicorn was completely and maliciously shredded into blue and pink meat-confetti. And then they will roll back and laugh, and Oh how they laugh.



The End

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