Sammy and the Scary Clown

It was a hot summers day and the carnival was in town. Sammy and his friends decided to go visit. He and Zipey the Hedgehog, Marvin the mouse and Danny the Giraffe all went and had a great day.

They played on the Ferris wheel, ate candy floss, saw the show and through butter at eachother. Sammy was very unlucky and slipped on some of the butter, he skidded so fast he couldn't stop himself and accidently, brutally murdered a clown with his horn.

That night Sammy was quite happy sleeping under a tree when he heard a supicious noise. Being a very inquisitive unicorn he went to investigate.

In a clearing in the woods he saw a ghostly, brutally murdered clown. He was dancing around in a circle, singing a song.

"Excuse me mister clown!" Sammy called.

The clown turned round and floated towards Sammy, a broad smile went from cheek to cheek. "Hello mr unicorn." The clowns voice echoed strangely and his voice was very sweet.

"I am terribly sorry about earlier."

"OH thats ok."

"How are you?"

"Well." The Clown smiled. "Feeling a little under the weather.

"Why is that mister clown?" Sammy asked sweetly.

"Oh I don't know." The clowns face twisted into a harsh scowl and ghostly blood began to trickle down his face. His eyes dissapeared, leaving empty black pits. "YOU KILLED ME!"

Sammy suddenly panicked and ran away, the scary clown gave chase. Screaming something about putting Sammy's horn in places he couldn't even imagine.

"Help!" Sammy cried as he ran through the animal village.

"Oh he deserves it." Marvin the Mouse said to everyone as they looked on. He began to regale the tale of the Clowns death as Sammy was chased around by the scary clown ghost.

All the other animals shook there heads and tutted as the Clown caught Sammy. He pinned him to the floor and pulled his horn off.

The animals began to cheer the scary clown on as he stabbed Sammy, who squealed with every stab. The scary clown turned and cheered to the animals as he evaporated, his purpose in death fulfilled.

The next day, the magled corpse of Sammy the Unicorn was buried and in the place of his horrible death the a statue was built. It depicted a heroic clown brutally slaughtering and eating the ear of a unicorn. They all lived happily ever after.

The End

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