Sammy and the Sweatshop

It was Monday today, and everyone knows on Mondays unicorns have to go to work. So Sammy went to Goblin City, to continue his work in the Happy Clothes Sweatshop. As he sat down at his usual sewing machine, he saw all of his unicorn pals- Tammy, Tommy, Danny, and Bertram.

"Hello Tammy, Tommy, Danny, and Lucifer!" Sammy said, with a smile on his face.

They all ignored him apart from Bertram, who looked around and said "Piss off Sammy you little turd." cheerfully.

"Okay Bertram!" Sammy sang as he began making curly elf shoes.

After 36 hours of making elf shoes, Sammy was allowed a 10 minute break, in which to sooth his burning arms. He went over to the other unicorns, whose breaks hadn't arrived yet.

"Working hard, are we unicorn pals?" Sammy asked.


Rubbing his broken jaw, Sammy realised Bertram wasn't as nice as he had previously thought. Oh well... Back to work! Sammy thought.

10 hours later, Sammy was allowed to go home. He crawled onto a magical caterpillar, which took him straight home. He inched his way towards his house, but couldn't make it due to triedness, and had to sleep outside in the dirt.


So please... Don't buy from Sweatshops.

The End

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