Sammy and the Armed Robbery

As Sammy trotted through the magical forest, Mr Owl fluttered down and stopped in front of him.

"Hello Sammy? Why are you not using your magical Pegasus wings?"

"Hello Mr Owl. I've ran out of special pixie dust to power them, so I'm just popping into Gnome Village to collect some more."

"Righty-ho Sammy. See you later for tea and biscuits."

"Bye bye Mr Owl."

"Bye bye Sammy."

Sammy continued his journey, and in no time at all, reached Gnome village. As he slowly clipped-clopped his way throught the gates, a dark figure gestured for him to go into a dark, scary alleyway. This can only be good fun! thought Sammy, as he went into the alleyway.

A gruff voice came out of the shadows.

"Give me your Fairy-coins!"

"Excuse me?" Sammy asked politley.

"Fork 'em over!"

"I guess I could lend them to you..." Sammy replied reluctantly, and passed over 364 Fairy-coins. In the distance, the tinkle of the Dwarf police was heard.

"Oh, elf droppings!" said the voice in the shadows, which emerged to show a hunched over tall human in a long coat.

"You gonna tell them!?" he shouted.

"You must always tell the police everything." Sammy replied, with a flick of his mane.

"Fine then." The gruff man stepped towards Sammy and gutted him with a elven knife.

"Oh..." Sammy mumbled as he fell to the ground, now stained with blue Unicorn blood, which we all know gives humans special powers. The man slurped up some of the brilliant blue fluid, and flew off speedily into the sky.

"Oh buttons..." Sammy muttered, as he fell into darkness.

The End

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