Sammy the Magical Unicorn

Sammy is a magical unicorn, struggling through each day as they come, trying to understand the hustle and bustle of normal life...

Whether trying to deal with difficult ethical situations, or simply coping with the stress that his career puts on him, Sammy always has fun adventures, and you can join him!

Sammy was a magical unicorn.

Sammy was eight years old, four months and six days, and was middle-aged in terms of unicorns.

His mane was bright pink, matching his perfectly pointed horn, but the rest of his body was baby blue, which was incidently his favourite colour.

His black eyes glittered despite their dark shade, and Sammy was regarded as the happiest unicorn in all of the Flowery Forest, home of the unicorns.

However, the beautiful home the unicorn race had made for itself was not without its problems, and Sammy couldn't help but feel that he was always getting into trouble ... one way or another.

The End

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