Chapter 11. - Memory Searching.Mature

Heat rushes through me, sending me to my knees. Soon Rachel, Bree, Bonnie and Ammine are around me. "Are you okay Jez?" Bonnie asks, eyes full of hurt. I nod and slowly get to my feet.

Willow is stading in front of me with her hands on her hips. "I have told you time and time again that if you fight I will send the pain at you." Willows voice is calm but threatening. I nod.

Willow has a great ability. A ability to cause pain on anyone, she doesn't like using it but she's never afraid to. I scowl at Jenny and she scowls back. Stupid fampire!

"Now, say sorry to Jenny." I turn my gaze to Willow. "You what? You want me to say sorry to the bitc..." I expolde, this really isn't my night. "Hey! Jez, this is not the first time you've started on her! Now say sorry!" Willow says, her face a mask but her eyes showing her anger.

I glare at Jennys smug face then turn back to my high elder, Willow. "I will. After the memory search." I say confidently. I can feel my soul sisters standing next to me, ready to argue for my way.

Willow sighs and nods, her lips in a thin line. "Very well Jez. Come over to the circle." She says then gracefully walks to the circle, the other elders follow her and I do once they're all around the circle.

I sit down in the middle of my witch elders and close my eyes. I know what's going to happen, the same thing that happens every year. Now is the only time our magic is powerful enough to get a clear image of my memory because it's the time all of our powers are strongest.

For the humans, today is halloween but for the creatures of the night it's not. Tonight is the time when the spirit line is thin, so thin witches can call apone a spirit and they will come. Tonight is the time for calling apone the witches of old.

Tonight is the time to search my mind to find something, anything, that will help find who's doing this.

My eyes are shut and I put my hands to the sky. "Tonight is Samhian!" I yell out, the chant has began. "Samhain. Samhain. Samhain. Where the witches of old we will see again." We all chant again and again.

"We shall conbind our powers and we will see what evil is hurting this witch child will be!" Willow calls out at the night, the wind picks up. This is it. The elders are starting the painful mind searching.

The End

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