Chapter 10. - I Hate Vampires!Mature

I straighten my dress and go over to Willow. She raises her left eyebrow when she sees the bags of sweets in my hands. “You are late because you went trick or treating?” Willow asks me. I shake my head. “No Willow. I didn’t go trick or treating, I bought these for everyone.” I say calmly, ignoring the mental insults from Jenny.


Willow nods. I sigh, knowing that I’m off the hook. I turn and walk over to my soul sisters. They smile at me when I reach them. I put the bags of sweets on the ground and smile back.


“Why were you late this time? I thought you said you were coming early tonight.” Trust Rachel to ask me that. “I bumped into Max on the way here.” I whisper, not wanting Willow to find out I am still talking to a friend from where I used to live.


They nod, understanding. “He’s still annoyed with me for leaving.” “That’s stupid! He knows that it’s not your fault you did!” “Shhhhh!” We all hiss at Bonnie for being loud. I look around and Jenny catches my eye. We scowl at each other until she looks away. “Jez, are you okay?”


I turn to my soul sisters and nod, making some of my black hair full onto my face. I push it back. “I’m fine Bree.” No one looks convinced. I sigh, rubbing my head. “Maybe you shouldn’t go through with the searching today.” I glare at Ammine. “No!” I snarl through gritted teeth. I’m not going to refuse to let the witch elders search my memories of the night my parents were murdered because of a headache!


Ammine nods, knowing that I’m not going to bail out. No matter how painful it is. I hold my locket to my chest. “What’s your excuse this time? Did your foster parents get murdered already?” I growl at the amused voice of Jenny Walker. I turn and scowl at her.


“Leave her alone Jenny.” Jenny just smiles evilly at Rachel. My hands are balled into fists. “What are you doing here Jenny? You’re not a witch.” She smiles back at me. “No I’m not. But the elders need help.” She shrugs. “Ha! They must be desperate to trust you. What can you do, apart from drink everyone’s blood?” I say with my arms crossed in front of my chest. Jenny looks at me like I’m a piece of dirt on her designer boots.


“Say what you want witch, but you know you can’t find this guy without my help.” She hisses at me. “I’ll rather die then have your ‘help’!” I square up to her, making her hiss at me. “You better watch your tongue or you’ll end up like your parents!” The wind starts to pick up as I punch her in the face. No one says anything about my parents, especially not a leech!


She gets up and hisses at me and I growl back, prepared for a fight. We lunge at each other but the elder’s strong arms are around us. I use the earth to pull Jenny Walker back then the air to send her into a tree. She runs back at me and I send balls of fire her way, she dodges them. I scream out, still not able to move because of the elders. I send vines holding the vampires feet while I cause a tornado towards her, then trying to drown her in water.


I know this won’t kill her. Only wooden spikes or ripping her to shreds and burning the pieces will, but it’s different for all vampires only one of them two can kill them. “Stop it!” Willow slaps me around the face; the other elders let go of me, sending me into the ground. I lose my concentration and Jenny’s in front of me, dripping wet.


As I get to my feet the vampire punches me in the face and, yet again, I fall to the ground. I get up and punch her smug face back. “Jez! Don’t!” I can hear everyone shouting but I don't care. I just lose it. “Go to hell!” I scream at the top of my voice, eyes livid.

The End

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