Chapter 9. - I Didn't Want To Go.Mature

I push back my long black hair behind my eyes, helping my emerald green eyes see better. Where is that last bag? I'm on my hands and knees looking for it. God, I bet my dress is ruined!

I give up! Max can look for it, after all it is his fault I can't find it. I jump to my feet gracefully and lookdown at my muddy dress. My black, full, lips frown. Time to clean up. I move my right hand in front of my dress then point to the ground. The mud flies off my dress and onto the floor. I nod, a smile reaching my lips.


I turn to Max to see how many bags he found and a gasp escapes me. He looks at me and shrugs. ”What?” “Since when do you smoke? In a forest of all places?!” I say, my tone angry. He once told me that he thinks they’re disgusting, yet here he is, smoking away. He shrugs his shoulders again. “C’mon, we both know you can control it if a fire brakes loose.” I scowl at him, he knows my views. Even if smoking can’t kill creatures like us (creatures of the night) I still don’t like them. I look him straight into his hazel eyes.


“You haven’t answered my question. When did you start?” My teeth are gritted as I ask. I can’t believe he’s smoking. “About the time you left.” His tone is the same as mine. “That’s no excuse Max!” “What? No excuse? You left and you didn’t tell me! One day you were there and the next you weren’t!” He threw his cigarette to the ground and I stare at it, putting it out using the wind.

“You know why I left. It wasn’t my choice!” I say, trying to keep my voice calm. Max snorted.


My fists are clenched and my knuckles are turning white. I take in a deep breath. “Max. Can we not talk about this now, I’ve got to go.” I start walking away. “There you go again. You’re always leaving.” He says in an voice full of anger. I turn around, eyes blazing. The wind is starting to pick up. “How dare you! You know what Willow’s like! Every time someone dies, she moves me! It’s not my bloody choice to leave!”


My eyes are like fire and I know if I stay here any longer, I’ll loose control and will properly hurt him. I don’t want. I start to run. God, Willow was right. I should never get close to anyone. She’s gonna flip! I’m now late, great! At least I’ve got sweets, which might make her less sour. I doubt it though.


I growl a little when I see Jenny. She’s so full of herself and never misses a chance to take the piss out of me. This is going to be fun. Hint the sarcasm.

The End

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