Chapter 8. - Wolf.Mature

His thick, manky, breath reaches my nostrils. Ew. Wolf. I can feel him sniffing me. Ew. I've always hated halloween. The wolfs rough tongue, goes to lick my face but decides against it and goes for my arm instead.

I push the werewolf off of me and stand in my pounce position, ready for any sudden movements. The wolf comes at me and I flip over him, then I put his big head into a headlock. "Gotcha." I whisper in his ear. The trapped werewolf growls a little, making me laugh.

I can feel his body changing, back into a seventeen year old teenage boy. He's still in my headlock. "Okay Jez you win. Now can you please let me out of the headlock?" The familiar voice says. I laugh but do as he wishes. I skip in front of him, still giggling. He towers over me at 6"6, and he's still growing! Talk about unfair! "You know you'll never beat me Max." I say as I turn around, my back to him. I know that he's going to try and pin me. He always tries when my back's turned.

I can hear him running behind me then leap. I do a jump kick, sending him straight into the nearest tree. "Told ya. And that's payback for making me smell like dog." He gets up and straightens his top, laughing. "Yeah, well. You know I let you win." He shrugs. "You let me win? Oh yeah, the great werewolf Max is too good for me." I say sarcastically, rolling my eyes. "C'mon all and powerful, help me pick up these sweets." He smiles and does, pushing me a little. Man, it's good to be with someone magical again. Hell, it's good to be with Max again.

The End

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