Chapter 7. - Watching.Mature

I’m out of sight; the trees protect me from whoever looks to the woods. I start to catch my breath, still clinging onto the Halloween bags. God, I need to start running again! I look around the dark woods, thinking about the night when that vampire slaughtered my parents. I remember it so well.


We had just come back from a midnight stroll in the woods. The night was just like this.

I can feel a chill creeping up my spine, bringing me back to the present. Someone’s watching me! I start to walk, trying not to let onto whoever is watching that I know they are here. I stop and re-buckle my shoe. The wind starts to howl around me. My breath is coming out in smoke in front of me. They’re close. Maybe it’s him. Maybe it’s much worse!


I turn back, ready to leg it but I freeze. In front of my are two big yellow eyes staring right at me! I swallow. Oh for the life of Nyx (the night goddess). The beast comes into view. It’s a wolf. No, not just a wolf! It’s a werewolf! My eyes are wide, looking for a escape. He growls then jumps right on top of me, sending the bags of sweets flying. This is it. I’m a gonna!

The End

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