Chapter 5. - I'm Mean, I Know.Mature


“It’s that new girl! She’s doing this!” One of the zombies yelled pointing towards the flying leaves. The children gasped and my lips spread into a toothy grin, threatening to let out my musical laugh. Okay, I think now’s a good time to make an entrance.


I jump out of the tree, landing perfectly on the floor in front of the scared children. The boys gasp and the girls scream their little lungs out. I roll my eyes. What utter wusses! My full, black, lips smiled at them evilly. Their eyes bulged as they are going into a silent shock. I giggled evilly but falsely, they bought it. They are all shaking in fright. Are all they kids here are this gullible and wimpy? I take a step closer to the children.


I’m leaning forward, face to face with the vampire. “You know, I do much more then suck out peoples souls. I trap them. And I mush their bodies together and make them into sweets and meat.” I put a pale hand into his bucket full of sweets, pull one out and eat it. All the children were going green and it’s taking all my effort not to come out of character and laugh. “Don’t you want one?” My emerald green eyes are now on the boys with a vampire costume. He shook his head rapidly.


“Very well. If you don’t want to eat one, then I’ll have to turn all of you into sweets.” My voice is calm and the children quickly turned and legged it as far away from this house as they possible could, dropping their sweets as they go screaming. I let my soft musical laugh escape my lips as I pick up the bags of sweets. I know that no one else will come here tonight, those children will spread the word that I’m the next Sweeny Todd or something.

The End

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