Chapter 3. - Rumours.Mature

I'm now at one of the corners, right near the front of the house. The children were coming up to the front of the porch steps, pushing some ten-year-old boys (one ghost, one vampire and three zombies) forward. The girls were standing behind them. They were dressed up as a cat, baby spice (from the spice girls) and a couple of cheerleaders. I rolled my eyes, typical.

No matter where you are, gossip still spreads like wild fire. They gave each other a nervous laugh, taking the tinniest steps forward. "I heard that the girl who lives here has been all over the world, going around and sucking souls out of whoever gets close enough. Leaving just their skins behind." One of the cheerleaders whispered, making the other girls shiver imagining that happening. I held back a laugh, man; I can't believe they are so gullible.

They were getting closer to the front door. My mind's working as fast as it could to work out a way to intercept them before they wake up Kam and Sid. They take another couple of sheepish steps forward, too forward. I climb as quickly as I can to the top of the tall oak tree next to me. It’s tough but where’s the fun without the challenge? I reach the highest branch that can hold my weight and pulled myself up onto it. I’m looking down at the shaking children, ready to jump in when I can.

I lean forward, like a panther resting but ready to pounce as soon as the danger arrives. The leaves shake in the breeze, I start to move forward. A pigeon flies out from above my head nearly banging into me, making me jump. My leg slips and in doing so, I can hear a few branches snap off followed by pain suddenly shooting up my right leg. The children jump, the girls screamed, all looking up into the oak tree where I hid. “What was that?”  Came a squeaky voice from one of the cheerleaders, hands to her mouth. 


The End

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