Chapter 1.

It’s Halloween. Great. What fun. Yeah right! Pull the other one! I’m in my dark garden; it’s so beautiful at night, as everything is. I can hear kids giggling, coming up to my house.

Oh shoot! I better get going before Kam and Sid, my foster parents; for now. (They never last long.) Find out that I’ve gone. Again. I get to my feet, quickly but silently. I smooth down my thin, black, dress. My finger traced one of the smooth, red, ribbons on it. I love this dress, it's very gothic like me but I'm not all doom and gloom like most people think goths are!

The dress used to belong to Mother. Damn! Not again! Dread is filling my heart. My bones, and, well, every cell in my body. I try to swallow it down, push it away, but it doesn't help at all. It never does. I’m cursing at myself, for being so stupid. Shit! Shit! Shit!

The End

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