Devon’s P.O.V.

After the lunch incident, the rest of the day passed pretty smoothly. I had actually been looking forward to lunch, you know, to make ‘new’ friends.

Ok, just to sit at a table and probably stare at people. Ok, Amethyst. I don’t know why but that girl is…. Interesting.

But my plan was spoiled by Agnes, Carl and Arnold who had stood at the cafeteria door waiting for me. And there was no way I was going to talk to them or explain myself to them. NO FREAKING WAY. So I just ran away, like a coward, and hid inside an empty classroom. The stress I had been experiencing since last night had started to seem…overburdening. So I just took a seat, pulled out a cigarette and lit it. My subconscious yelled at me but I found myself reasoning, ‘How could she ever know?’

I was about to put the cigarette in my mouth when I saw the amethyst flower in my other hand. Amethyst. I remember wondering if she would EVER talk to me. And that’s when the door opened and she barged in. Locking the door behind her, she just slid down on the floor crying.

I had sat there wondering if I should interrupt her or not when she started to cough which was instantly replaced by her glaring at me. Why does she always GLARE at me? What did I ever do to her? And then she had stood up with the ferocity of an amazon and rushed towards me. For I second I thought that she was about to slap me, but then she launched into this weird lecture about cigarettes being injurious to your health and other shit. What else should I have expected? That she’d come and kiss me like angry girls do boys in movies? NO WAY.

Surprisingly, she then took my cigarette and put it in her mouth. I had almost had a coronary for the second time.  I mean, I KNOW that cigarettes are injurious to your health. I am not THAT dumb. And neither am I sexist who couldn’t bear seeing girls smoke. Agnes used to smoke three cigarettes at a time.

But something about Amethyst, standing in front of me, with that slow killer in her mouth was enough to, I don’t know, but the idea just scared me. Snatching the cigarette from her mouth, I threw it away. I didn’t notice at the time but her lips were really soft. Perfect. I asked the reason for her crying like that but she said that it was none of my business.

As if THAT was an excuse. Well, thanks to whoever is up there to make Amethyst turn around so that I could grab her hand. Smooth. I know I sound like a freaking pervert but it’s the truth. I don’t remember anything after that as I was too engrossed staring at her facial expressions. I must have said stupid things but I seriously didn’t give a damn at the time. She was talking to me. I was smiling. SMILING, for the first time in after a long time.

I heard her offering to tell me about what had happened to her if I told her about the flower. As if I would ever tell her about it! I would rather die.  I told her to mind her business or something like that but it came out more rudely than I had intended. She just shrugged and walked out. Didn’t she have an ounce of curiosity in her? Or does she think she knows everything? No wonder everyone hates nerds. Except me. Maybe.

The last bell rang and smiled to myself. I had managed to pass my day at school IN classes for the first time. I slowly made my way out of the class. The corridors were filled with other jerks. I walked up to my locker and opening it, took my bag out. On shutting it and turning around, I found myself face to face with a blonde, blue eyed girl. The girl smiled at me, showing off her perfectly white teeth.

‘Hey Devon.’ She said in a snobby voice, which I recognized to be the one that had called Amethyst a nerd.

I raised my eyebrows. What did she want?

‘Well. I was thinking if you’d like to hang out with me,’ she suggested with a flick of her blonde hair and putting her hand on my arm. ‘I know you would as…’ Slap! A hand hit her hand off my arm, like really hard. The bimbo retreated her arm from my hand with a dramatic shriek that made every head in the corridor turn towards us. There was silence all of a sudden. The kind of silence, before a storm.

‘Hey, Ariana,’ I heard the voice which I had grown to like a lot, greet the bimbo. And then my fingers were intertwined with those of the speaker’s. Whoa!

‘How DARE you hit me?’ yelled Ariana.

The onlookers looked on with baited breath. It probably looked like a scene right out of a daily soap.

‘Did I draw out blood?’ Amethyst asked, smirking.

Was that girl bonkers? And what was up with the hand holding thing? It felt amazing but…ok, it was heavenly. No complaints there.

‘Um…no.’ answered Ariana, to Amethyst’s question.

‘Then no problems there.’ Stated Amethyst and started walking away, pulling me along with her. Not knowing what else to do, I trailed behind her. We must have walked barely five steps when I heard a shrill, high-pitched laughter fill the air of the corridor.

‘Well, well, well’ Ariana said, ‘The nerd has found a replacement for dear old Sebastian. Sad isn’t it, Amethyst? The blondie chose the blackhead over the brunette.’

I felt Amethyst’s hand tighten around mine. I looked at her. We had stopped walking and she seemed to be staring down at her feet. I couldn’t get a view of her face since her  

‘So,’ continued Ariana, ‘Is he now your new sex buddy?’

Everyone gasped and Amethyst let go of my hand. Ariana had crossed the line and everyone knew that.

‘I am sorry, Devon.’ Apologized Amethyst, without looking at me.

‘Huh?’ was all I could say. What the heck was going on?

‘I am sorry for dragging you into this.’ She repeated, sounding annoyed. She looked at me and giving me this sad, watery smile said, ‘I guess nerds don’t deserve to be with people like …you and Ariana and…’

‘Oh please,’ said Ariana rolling her blue eyes which, unlike Amethyst’s ,were full of malice.

‘…others.’ Continued Amethyst, ‘Because you are WAY BELOW MY LEAGUE.’

And then she pounced on Ariana.

The End

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