Amethyst’s P.O.V.

Well, it was lunch, AT LAST. I’d be able to meet my four year old crush, Sebastian, at last.

As I neared the cafeteria, I heard the usual buzz on the other side of the door. I saw Agnes, Arnold and Carl standing near the door. Agnes and Arnold looked as usual. You know,  if you slap them they’ll fall down probably dead kind of usual? Carl, however, looked normal. Whatever.

I ignored them and turned my head away only to find two humans making out passionately. Gross. One was this tall blonde guy and the other was this black headed, short girl who was half a feet up in air. For some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

It’s a fact that people can FEEL it when they are being stared at. That’s the reason the blonde guy opened his eyes which, until then, had been closed  and looked straight at me.

I could recognize that shade of blue anywhere. Sebastian. He pushed the girl away from him, gently. She turned to look around, confused. Zoe. Suddenly, I felt as if the world had started to spin and it had forgotten to take me with it’s flow. Where had I gone wrong? What had I done? And : Was Zoe better than me? ME? I clenched my fists and closed my eyes. As soon as I felt the world stop spinning, I opened them. Sebastian stood there grinning widely at me. The grin I had had a crush on since sixth grade. Next to him, Zoe looked nervous. She HAD to. How DARE that bitch kiss Seb? MY Sebastian?

‘Hey, Amy,’ said Sebastian, ‘Girl, you spoiled the surprise we had been planning to give you on your sister’s birthday next week.’ Wait, WHAT?

‘I,’ he continued ‘Am dating this beautiful girl next to me.’ He pulled Zoe closer to him, not realizing the terror in her eyes as she waited for me to react. If I had been angry at them I would have yelled at them, thrown things at them or simply beaten them. But I wasn’t angry. I was  just….sad. Plain old sad. Down in the dumps. Morose.

I pursed my lips and turned around. ‘Amy?’ I heard Sebastian call out ,worried. At least he was worried. I know I should be happy because both of my best friends are going out with each other but….that’s a moral sort of thing. And if I am a normal human, I should be jealous, angry and sad right now. Which I am.

So, I just broke into a run. Thank God, the corridors were empty or I should have dashed into one of the freaks who ‘study’ in this school and must have been taken to the counsellor. Finding an empty classroom, I went in and locked the door. Sliding down to the floor, I let myself go. I cried. A LOT. Probably for the first time in my life.

Why Zoe? WHY?  Was it because of the fact that I was this weird looking nerd while Zoe was a dancer built girl? Or was it because of the number of times I had refused to go out with them because I had been working on a science project? Was it….? I was suddenly overcome by a fit of coughing. What the-?

That’s when my nasal passage, which had been closed until then, opened up. Smoke. Cigarette smoke.

I looked around, or should I say glared around, only to find Devon staring at me with a ‘What the heck?’ expression on his face. He held a blue flower in one hand and a cigarette in another. That was enough for me to flip out. I stood up and stomped my way across to him.  What was wrong with that LOSER? He was using empty classrooms to SMOKE? What happened to the area behind the basketball court?

‘YOU GOD DAMNED JERK,’ I yelled at him, ‘ Don’t you have any idea, ANY IDEA about how INJURIOUS cigarettes are to your health? I know that you don’t care about yourself but at least try to show SOME kind of concern for people around YOU. Or if you don’t care about them then care about the environment because, remember, YOU ARE NOT SUSTAINING IT. IT’S SUSTAINIG YOU.’ I stopped. What the heck had I just said? Why was I even TALKING to that alien?

Probably there was still some anger pent up in me because then I took his cigarette and put it in my mouth, like they do in movies. That was the first time I saw Devon look terrified. Another first.  He stood up and, snatching the cigarette, threw it away. I again went into a fit of coughing. What was I THINKING? That stuff was just GROSS and MEANINGLESS and RIDICULOUS and NOT AT ALL an ANTI-DEPRESSANT.

‘After all that lecture on cigarettes being injurious to your health and others around you AND the environment, that’s what you do?’ Devon asked. I glared up at him. I guess I have to add him up in the list of guys taller than me.

‘It’s NONE of your business.’ I snapped, turning around to get out of the classroom and away from that alien.

I felt him grab my hand. Instantly I turned, my other hand already up, to punch him. But he turned out to be more quicker and stronger than me. He blocked my punch and grabbed my hand. Hard. Painful.

‘Not. So. Easy. Nerd.’ , pausing at every syllable and saying them evilly. I admit that it did chill me to my bones and I stood there numb. His grip was hard. I would probably have bruises. He smile triumphantly and let go of me. Yep, I had faint red bruises. I put my hands behind me, not wanting to show how weak I was.

‘ Now speak,’ he said, sitting down on the chair and putting his legs up on the table.

I just stared. He had really dark eyes. Coal black. I couldn’t believe I was noticing those things but I guess it’s in my genes to OBSERVE.

‘What?’ he asked ‘Are you going to stare my eyes out or something?’

Ouch. He knew where to hit. ‘Whatever.’ I said,  which made him smile. He looked ….good.  He should smile more. I noticed the flower on his hand and an idea crossed my mind.

‘I’ll tell you what happened if you tell me about the thing with the flower.’ I tried to compromise. Suddenly the happy Devon I had MINUTELY started to like ( Am I MAD?) seem to disappear and that arrogant look reappeared.

‘That’s none of your business.’ He said. Weird, right? He had used the exact same words as me.

‘Yeah, right.’ I said and opening the door went out of the room, leaving Devon staring at the flower as if it was his only hope for survival.


The End

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