I should never have started smoking. I should NEVER have done it. NEVER. I don’t even remember signing up for ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES. What HAPPENED? Did a lot of smoke go up my nose or something? The classroom itself is so nauseating. It’s painted green. Every friggin’ thing here is green. Even the board has a greenish tinge to it. And guess what, there are ONLY THREE humans from the same gender as mine who are taking this class. The classroom is overflowing with girls!! Girls who turn to look at me now and then and giggle. Whatever. I am sitting with this Sebastian guy who hasn’t even bothered to LOOK at me. And I had been in the impression that girls were unfriendly! I wish I could just sneak out and…NO. NO SMOKING. NO MORE. PROMISE TO KEEP. But still… The door opened and Ms. Gilder walked in, or should I say DANCED in? Out of all the teachers in this hellhole, she’s the one I find the WEIRDEST. What the heck was she wearing? I didn’t know that looking like a plant was included in teacher’s dress code. Plus she also wore a wreath of laurels around her head. Devil. Probably one of the Elder Devils of this hellhole. ‘So, my dear nature lovers,’ she said in a voice which sounded like chime bells. I nearly had a coronary when I realized that I was one of her ‘nature lovers’. ‘Today,’ she continued, ‘We’ll be talking about amethyst.’ For a second I thought that she was talking about Frizzy, but then I saw her pointing at this extra flowery plant. They had a striking violet-blue, just like Frizzy’s eyes. Maybe that was the reason she was named after the flower? ‘Amethyst plants,’ said Ms Gilder, touching the flowers gently, ‘Grow to about 12 inches and are suitable for garden bed, pots and hanging baskets.’ Beside me the Sebastian guy rolled his eyes and muttered ‘As if I don’t already know that.’ Surprisingly, for a teacher who seemed to be distracted by the beauty of amethyst flowers, Ms. Gilder heard Sebastian. ‘Up, Mr. Windsor,’ she barked, her voice loosing the tone of chime bells. Sebastian stood up, looking bored, and ruffled his blonde hair. Man, did that guy think high of himself! ‘So, Mr. Windsor,’ said Ms Gilder, ‘If you really know as much as you claim to know about amethyst then tell the class what it’s scientifically called?’ Sebastian narrowed his eyes as if suspicious of her motives or something. ‘You, ma’am,’ he said, pointing his finger at her, ‘Have deliberately asked a difficult question. But still I’ll TRY to answer it.’ He then stood there smiling at Ms. Gilder while she glared back at him. ‘Are you going to answer me or….’ Ms Gilder started but, just then Sebastian yelled, ‘Browallia hybrids.’ He then sat down, grinning victoriously. Even Ms. Gilder smiled. Though it was a reminiscent of a smile but still….that guy had an aura. Unlike my aura, which makes people around me fill with dread, fear and repulsion, Sebastian’s aura probably filled everyone with warmth and joy and other happy stuff. What is even the USE of being happy? It’s not as if sadness is EVER going to leave you. Ms. Gilder continued to teach but I tuned her out. I didn’t want to hear anything about amethysts. I was starting to hate them. They could not grow in cold. They didn’t like darkness. They would die if exposed to the above two. In short, amethyst could not thrive in my domain. I had nothing but darkness in me and I was plain cold in behavior. So amethysts were definitely not my type. ‘And so is the girl who bears its name.’ said my subconscious. What the-? Where had THAT come from? Beep! Sebastian’s mobile buzzed and he pulled it out of his pocket. He found me glaring at him and grinned guiltily, ‘It’s my girlfriend,’ he said ‘She gives me updates every five minutes.’ Whatever, asshole. I saw his eyebrows crease over as he read the text and quickly looked over at me and then back to the screen and then back at me. ‘Something wrong, dude?’ I asked. That sneaky glances were highly irritating. ‘You met Amethyst today?’ he asked, grinning. He sounded as if he had not met me just fifteen minutes ago but had known me all his life. He sounded THAT friendly. I just nodded in response. What the heck was I SUPPOSED to say to that? That she didn’t even treat me like a human nor thanked me for helping her nor showed any kind of feeling towards me? Hey, why do I sound so touchy all of a sudden? Amethyst was messing up with me and my mind. Stupid nerd. ‘So,’ asked Sebastian ‘How did it go?’ ‘How did WHAT go?’ I snapped. He may be a ball of sunshine, but to me he is just a person who needs a dose of depression up his… Wait, how did he know about the incident? He had told that his girlfriend updated him every five minutes and I hadn’t talked to anyone except…. ‘Amethyst is your GIRLFRIEND?’ I yelled. That earned me a glare from Ms. Gilder. Damn her. Sebastian shrunk away from my sudden outburst. That made something, which felt like relief, spread across my heart. At LAST, some sign of terror. ‘Woah, dude,’ he said ‘Calm down.’ I was calm, of course. I KNEW I was. Even though I felt a small piece, a tiny shard, break away from my heart on realizing that Amethyst was dating him, Sebastian. She could do better than that. Why do I even CARE? ‘No, man,’ said Sebastian, patting me ‘She’s my best friend. Her bestie, Zoe, is my girlfriend. So, no worries there.’ Yeah…what? I glared at him. What was he implying? He grinned with a mischievous glint in his eyes. ‘….remove negativity from a person’s soul.’ Wait, what? Unknowingly, I had said those words aloud. Ms. Gilder stared at me for a second and then smiled knowingly. She was one creepy woman. ‘Devon,’ she said ‘I was talking about the amethyst stone, right now. It is a semi-precious stone, you see, with strange powers. Astrologically speaking, it is believed that keeping an amethyst stone with you can rid you of all the…negativity in you.’ She paused to breathe while I took in everything she had said. Amethyst. ‘Amethyst,’ she started again, ‘ Is the birthstone of those born in February. That is the reason, people born in the month of February bring about…change. In the world. As well as in…other not so good people.’ She looked at me for a second longer than necessary. The bell ran and everyone, sort of, rushed out of the class. What was WRONG with them? That was an educational thing she had said. ‘See ya’ around.’ Sebastian promised as he rushed out with the mob. Ms. Gilder just stood there, her eyes looking dreamy. I stood up slowly and dragged myself past her. As I did so I felt a hand touch my shoulder gently. I turned to face Ms. Gilder. She held an amethyst flower in her other hand. ‘Here,’ she said, ‘Take it. Plant it and let it take away everything that is not good at your home.’ She handed it to me and without saying anything, I started walking out of the room. At the doorway I heard Ms. Gilder say, ‘Devon Tremblay, I hope you realize soon enough the importance of Amethyst in your life.’ I quickly walked out of the classroom. That woman was full of creepy shit. Which Amethyst was she talking about? The flower or the girl? Why am I over thinking it? That’s just weird shit out of a woman’s mouth, RIGHT?

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