Amethyst's P.O.V.

The bell rang, AT LAST. It was ten minutes late for god’s sake! What about the punctuality and discipline stuff everyone preaches to you about at school? Gathering my books quickly, I was the first one out of that class. I had chemistry next and we were presently dealing with organic chemistry which is one of the lessons I actually find….challenging.

As I hurried towards the classroom I heard someone yell ‘Amy, wait.’ I turned around and dashed into Zoe, one of my two best friends. I somehow balanced myself whereas Zoe just fell down from the impact. Muttering some choosy curse words I helped her up. Her straight, black hair which had been tied up in a bun had come loose and was falling down to her waist. Zoe is one of the girls I actually find PRETTY. What, with her emerald green eyes and those pixie-ish features, she probably look like Silky from the Faraway Tree series (minus the blonde hair) .

‘Gather your hair up, Garcia,’ I advised as I started walking ‘Or else we’ll find boys drooling over us.’ Over HER, honestly, because I look like a witch in the looks department, but it felt good to say. Zoe looked kind of confused for a second but when realization dawned upon her, she pinched me playfully ‘Whatever, Amy.’ She said rolling her hair up.

‘So,’ I said asked as we entered the classroom, the smell of chemicals hitting our nostrils with a blast ‘How was French?’At this Zoe sighed dramatically and said in this voice of deep regret ‘Ce’st terrible.’ ‘That bad, huh?’ I sympathized, reading over the introduction of the lesson. ‘Yep,’ she answered ‘She assigned us to write a thousand worded essay on why is learning French mandatory, in FRENCH!’ She slumped over the table as if the work of Atlas had been bestowed upon her shoulders.

‘Well, you DID opt for it as your second language subject.’ I reminded ‘Now, Spanish, that is a language worth learning.’ She shrugged her shoulders. My classmates were just starting to file in. until then we were the only ones present. Now as the number of jerks increased, so did the chattering. Stupid ‘need- to –communicate- desperately’ freaks.

‘How was History?’ Zoe asked. ‘The usual, you know.’ I started but then fell silent as I recalled the previous period’s incident. Zoe took my silence in and I swear I could see the cog wheels turning in her head. ‘Something happened, right?’ she asked, eagerly, ‘And from your expression I guess it’s something related to a guy? A guy who…’ she trailed off, looking guilty.  

‘A guy who what?’ I snapped, lifting my head up. ‘You know,’ she said nervously, biting her lip ‘A guy who’s not…like you? A guy not up to your standard?’ Bingo. That was the reason Zoe was my best friend. She understood me like no one else, except, you know, from my OTHER best friend, Sebastian Windsor. Thinking about Sebastian brought a smile to my face, like always. The smile I only reserved for Sebastian.

‘Stop thinking about Seb and tell me about the History guy.’ Zoe urged.

Sometimes it’s not AT ALL good to have a friend who knows you TOO well. ‘Well.’ I said ‘It’s Devon.’  Zoe’s breath hitched and her eyes seemed as if they’d pop out any second. God no, not AGAIN.I seriously didn’t need any of her romance novel stuff. I loved Zoe and all but I had my limits when it came to her romance novels.

Before I could ask anything from her, our Chemistry teacher, Mr. Birmingham entered. Mr. Birmingham, by the way, is the only teacher in our school below forty, who teaches in our school and according to other girls his ‘manly’. Honestly speaking I don’t think guys with lots of facial hair and chest hair 9of course he has it. I mean, look at the amount of hair on his face!!) are NOT ‘manly’. I mean, maybe they ARE symbols of manliness but I prefer guys with no facial hair or even chest hair. According to me, a guy’s manliness should be based on his intellect and SO NOT upon the amount of hair his body manages to grow.

Without any further ado he started asking questions. ‘After which scientist was the third allotrope of carbon named?’ I heard him ask. Being the nerd I was the first one to raise my hand, of course. Mr. Birmingham smiled at me in a way I found quite repulsive. I mean, girls find that CUTE? I heard Zoe sigh dreamily beside me. Seriously!

‘Yes Am-e-thy-sst,’ he called out to me, pronouncing every syllable as if tasting them. It made me feel a little bit uncomfortable. ‘Um, Mr. Birmingham,’ I started but he cut me off. ‘Jared.’ He said ‘Just call me Jared.’ Creep. I felt my arms getting clammy all of a sudden. Every girl’s head turned to glare at me.

‘Um, yeah.’ I barely whispered. ‘Come on, Amy.’ Zoe encourage, nudging me. That was REALLY helpful. Regaining my confidence I answered, ‘Well the third allotrope of carbon was named after an ARCHITECT and not a SCIENTIST, Buckminster Fuller, because of the fact that he designed a geodesic dome which is the replica of fullerene in structure.’

I then stood there silently, looking down. I t was the first time a teacher had made me feel uncomfortable. Maybe it was because he was new but, still, every time he looked at me a chill ran down my spine.

‘Absolutely right, as always.’ Mr. Birmingham said with that creepy smile of his ‘Would you mind meeting me after school ends?’. That got some more poisonous glares from the girls while the boys sniggered. I knew what they were thinking. It was a simple question Mr. Birmingham had asked but he had managed to make it sound like something he would ask of a hooker. And everybody knew what the job of a hooker is.

‘I can’t…’ I started but he silenced me with that extra sweet voice of his ‘You should reach the teacher’s lounge as soon as school ends.’  I could do nothing but stare at him until Zoe pulled me down to my chair. And that’s what I did until the bell rang.

From the corner of my eyes I saw Zoe, who had been texting throughout the class type ‘GTG’ and then click ‘Send’.

MESSAGE DELIVERED TO SEB<3<3’ popped on the screen as Zoe shut her mobile up.

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The End

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