Amethyst is a nerd who finds joy in demeaning people and pretending to be at the top of the self actualizattion ladder while Devon is this dark, rude punk.
They don't have any chance to get along with each other, do they?
But sometimes or probably every time, fates of two unlikely people just manage to cross paths. The point is not how? The point is what will actually happen when it does and how will they end up? And if they do manage to conquer the fates then will there be someone else to de


‘Hey nerd,’ I heard Ariana, the cheerleader, the slut of my school calling out to me. With an exasperated sigh I turned around to meet her. ‘What’s up, bimbo?’ I asked her. I mean, why did she even want to talk to me? She has never successfully managed to make me have a breakdown or something and she never will. She and I both know that but still she has to confront me every day at the school’s entrance hoping to make me cry like a wimp or something.

She stood there smirking at me, twirling a strand of her blonde hair around her finger. It was too dramatic. ‘Do you want me to pull your hair out or something?’ I asked her. The bell had rung and I seriously didn’t want to be late for my first class. On hearing this Ariana glared up at me. Ariana maybe a cheerleader but I’m the one with the athlete’s built. She is barely five feet three inches while I’m this five feet ten inches giant freak. The tallest, nerdiest girl in the whole of tenth grade.

‘Mind your tongue, Brian,’ said one of her brunette cronies, what was her name, Angela? I rolled my eyes. What was this? A stupid high school movie?

‘Attitude, huh?’ Ariana said eyeing me as if I was something repulsive. I didn’t mind it since I’m pretty much used to it. You see I’ve this frizzy brown hair which not at all goes well with my blue eyes. I mean what was my DNA thinking while it was obtaining chromosomes from mom and dad? That I am Anastasia Steele from Fifty Shades of Grey? Probably not. It forgot the straight hair. So I always have people looking at me twice before they conclude that I belong to the human race

 ‘Everyone has one.’ I retorted. This seemed to silence her if only for two seconds. You see, Ariana is like a normal human or maybe even lesser than that in the brain department while my IQ is well above 200, so it takes a longer time for her to reply to a remark than I take.

I just took the silence of two seconds as the end of the conversation and walked into the school while Ariana just yelled, like she always does “I’ll get you the next time, nerd.”

I grinned to myself. Secretly, I liked to have these weird talks with Ariana. It has improved my debating skills A LOT. As soon as I entered the school I found the corridors deserted. God no, the classes had started. And I had History first. Mr. Lanchester was so going to kill me.

 I hurried to the History classroom and burst the door open as if I was a freaking gangster or something. Twenty pairs of eyes turned to look at me, including Mr. Lanchester’s, who looked seriously annoyed. ‘I am sorry, Mr. Lanchester’ I apologized ‘I got held up by the traffic.’ Yeah, I am a freaking goddess. I am so good at forgiving people like Ariana. I mean what future do they have anyway? I don’t need to spoil their school records in order to make sure that they end up in some restaurant cleaning toilets or any worse place.

Mr. Lanchester narrowed his eyes and then just said ‘Take your seat, Amethyst and take out Lesson 2, Nationalism in Indo China.’ Sometimes it works to be a nerd, I guess. It makes teachers trust you even when you are lying right at their serious faces.

I went to the back of the classroom and took my seat. Unlike other nerds, I don’t like to sit in front in order to suck up to the teachers. I like to get their attention by scoring marks and not by giving pens to them or picking their chalks up when they drop it. Plus, the idea of people behind me, staring at my frizzy hair blocking their view, and probably cursing me is not something I find comfortable.

So I flicked the pages of the History book and quickly read the summary of the lesson. Being a nerd, I read the lessons beforehand so I already knew the whole history of Indo China like the back of my hand. Mr. Lanchester began his usual drone and I just sort of zoomed out like I always do until the bell rings or until I am called upon to answer a question.

I must have been staring into space when I heard my name being called out. Not by Mr. Lanchester’s scratchy voice, though, but by a deep, rich voice. I whipped my head to the direction where the voice came from and impulsively shrunk away from its owner. It was Devon, the punk, the bad boy, the cigarette smoker and supposedly a drug addict.

What the heck was he doing in the class? He is usually out in that area behind the basketball court getting high or something. So what happened today? WHAT? And how did he know my name?

That’s when the rational part of my brain said ‘Duh, Mr. Lanchester did say your name while asking you to take your seat.’ Oh. ‘What?’ I asked him, rudely. Really, rudely. I mean I hate guys who are into bad stuff from the core of my heart and Devon was no goody two shoes.

And that was the time first time I saw Devon, not with a dazed look in his eyes, but with something that resembled hurt.

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The End

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