Samantha Rodaine

Boy meets girl.

There she was, Samantha Rodaine. She was beautiful, just looking at her gave me goosebumps. She was the most enchanting girl I had ever seen. Her hair was soft. Well, it appeared soft. I haven’t touched it. Not yet. She had beautiful puppy dog brown eyes and amazing skin. She was light a light bulb, just glowing. She was breathtaking. I would always try to look away when she would walk by, but I didn’t want to waste one second not looking at her. I was in awe by her presence. I could feel my heart pounding. I managed to stand up even though my legs felt like wet spaghetti. I made my way over to where she was coming from. I could smell her perfume. She smelled like roses and marshmallows, sweet but still subtle. She was an aching beauty. If Heaven is real, it was her hometown. She was straight from the corridors of a Safe Haven.

“Excuse me”, she huffed. I was startled. I managed to bump into her. I must have somehow lost my balance while I tried to stroll on by. I looked into her eyes. They were so soft and sensual. They were warm. “I- I’m so sorry, miss”, I stammered. I felt so stupid. She let out a chuckle and lent me a half smile. “No worries, by the way I’m Samantha”, she exclaimed. She moved her body as if she wanted to give a more proper greeting. “I’d shake your hand but I don’t have an arm”, she laughed. I gave her a big toothy smile. “It’s okay, neither do I”, I stated, making note of my missing arm. Her eyes grew wider. “Oh my god, I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know”, she spat. She tried shifting her big books from one arm to the other. I chuckled. “No, its okay”, I said, “I find it funny when people with two arms say they don’t have an arm, when they really just mean they’re hands are full, I explained”. She looked up at me. “It’s an expression”, she whispered.

My eyes darted from side to side. I could feel the sweating going down my brand new yellow and white striped shirt and I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up. My eyes grew wide. Eyes do that when you are looking at something you find attractive. I could only imagine that I appeared as a lemur in a tree when I would stare at Samantha.

“Would you like to have lunch sometime?” I spat. I quickly wanted to take my words right back. I tried to stop my body from shaking. I felt as if the entire library knew that I didn’t know how to talk to girls. “Sure, she giggled. She shot me a grin and tried to move her silky, blonde hair out of her face, without using her hands of course. My whole body started vibrating as a crooked smile grew wider and wider across my face.

“O-okay”, I managed to say with my hands over my mouth. I stared into her eyes. They were like a sea. I wondered if I would swim or drown. “So where are you taking me for lunch?” she whispered. In my mind I wondered why she was whispering, because everyone else in the library was talking at a regular volume. I guess she was just following the rules. “We can eat at Tom’s Pizzeria right on Wick and Main, it’s not too far to walk”, I huffed. She giggled and squinted her eyes. “How about you come over to my house after school tomorrow?” she asked. My eyes opened wide and I gave a half smile. She blushed. I did too. “Well, sure, when is a good time?” I panted. I felt my knees get all wobbly and off balance. “How about at 3:10?” she said. Her face looked more serious now. I gulped. Before I could answer she trailed off and all that was left of her was her sweet, marshmallow body spray.

Approaching the dark but friendly house of Samantha Rodaine, a sharp, eerie breeze blew past me. I stared at the house before making my way up to the steps. Samantha doesn’t know this, but I used to follow her home afterschool. I would make sure to stay about half a block behind so it wouldn’t be obvious. I remember watching her walking with her friends, or a group of guys. She would always be smiling, beautiful white teeth and pointed noise. Her long, sandy blond hair swinging behind her. I don’t even think she wore makeup. If she did, it was very natural and subtle. She always looked like a princess.

After snapping out of the daydream I quickly sprinted up the front porch steps and halted before the door. I could hear loud music and people talking, yelling, and I could have sworn I heard fighting. My heart started beating out of my chest. What if this was a bad idea?

As I prepared to knock on the door, the door swung open. There stood Samantha, at 5’6. Her eyes were red and squinty, and she had this crooked grin on her face. Her hair was out of its usually slicked back ponytail and all hanging down tousled. She looked like she was at the beach. “Hi”, she squeaked. “Hello Samantha”, I exclaimed. “Well c’mon there’s a whole party in here!” she shouted. I walked into her house and my eyes widened. There was a ton of people there, some dressed up in prom like dresses, high heels, and tons of makeup. Some of the girls wore sweats and appeared as if they were about to go to bed. There were the jocks; who were all over six feet with greasy slicked back dark hair, accompanied with piercing eyes. 

I squirmed my way through the crowds, and managed to find a seat on a long, velvet red couch. There was a girl on my right with blue, spikey hair and lots of piercings. She had crooked teeth and a long violet dress on with black pumps. Her right arm had at least twenty bracelets on it. Her ears had multiple piercings. She turned to me, her bright piercing blue eyes staring into my brown eyes. She gave me a forced half smile until I quickly turned away.

“Steves, over here!” I heard in a husky voice. I quickly whipped my head around in the direction of the voice. At six foot three, Sergio stood tall with his chest puffed out and his brown hair slicked back with a generous amount of gel. My legs felt like spaghetti, the same way they felt around Samantha, but for different reasons. As I made my way across the room, I noticed Sergio was standing there with a big goofy looking grin on his face. This puzzled me because me being the loser nerd and him being the jock, he was supposed to never acknowledge me. I got face to face with him, with the top of my head barely grazing his chest in height. “Here, I want you to give Samantha this”, Sergio said as he pushed a margarita towards me. I was always nervous about being around people who drink because one the acted so different and two, I didn’t drink. Alcohol scared me, but I couldn’t act scared in front of Sergio. I stood up a little taller and looked him in the eyes. “Okay, but why can’t you?” I asked. Sergio took a look at the drink as I placed my hand around the cold glass. “Because she’s on your side man”, he grunted. “Huh?” I said. I started to smell marshmallows and roses. “Hiya”, Samantha exclaimed. I was startled. “Hey”, I whispered.

“Here’s your drink”, I said as I lifted the glass off the wooden counter. Samantha took it firmly and gulped it back. She slammed the empty glass on the counter and looked at me. She glanced at me and smiled. I could feel my whole body getting hot.

“Why don’t we go somewhere quiet?” she whispered. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I felt my face blush as I gazed up at her. She looked like an angel from the position she was standing in. “Sure”, I chuckled.  She grabbed my hand and walked me to the back of the house. We passed what looked like a bedroom. It’s hard to say because the door was cracked open. The room was dark and vacant. You could see the shadows of the tree outside displayed on the wall.

Samantha took me to a small bedroom. I could tell it belonged to a girl because there was a vanity with makeup and perfume covering it almost completely. “Is this your room?” I asked. She looked at me and laughed. “Yeah”, she said. “Well, Kaitlyn and I actually are sharing right now until I move”, she exclaimed. I sat up. “Move?” “Move where?” I asked. She fluffed out her hair. “I’m going back to Indiana to be with my dad”, she looked into my eyes.

“I’ll be leaving next month”, she whispered. I was in a daze. I felt nauseous. How could she be leaving if we had just started talking?” I wondered. I shook my head. “Huh?” I asked. She turned to me and cocked her head to the side. “I’m leaving”, she said.

I looked back at her. Her eyes were bloodshot red and she looked tired. She looked different. She started coughing. “Can you please get me a glass of water?” she asked.  “There’s a cup in the bathroom”. I quickly got up and went straight to the bathroom. I grabbed the glass, which had magenta colored lipstick on it. For some reason it made me smile. I turned the faucet on and filled the glass up with cold water. I walked back to the bedroom.

Samantha was gone. I looked left and right. “Samantha?” I said. I then heard grunting. I walked over to the side of her bed where it was coming from. There, I found Samantha hunched over holding her stomach and on the floor. I ran over to her. “What’s wrong?” I screamed. Samantha closed her eyes and her body collapsed on the floor. A drop of blood came out of her mouth. Her body went lifeless. I knew she was gone. I threw myself to the floor and held my face in my hands. I looked toward the bedroom door. “Help please! Someone please help me!” I exclaimed. I felt tears forming behind my eyes. I then heard a herd of footsteps coming toward Samantha’s bedroom. I looked up.

There was at least six teenagers staring down at me. “Please help me! We need to get Samantha to the hospital!” The girls rolled their eyes and crossed their arms. My heart started beating faster. What was going on? Sergio looked at me through demeaning eyes. “Call the ambulance!” I exclaimed. “I did”, Sergio said flatly. He held up his IPhone 5. I looked back at Samantha. She was lifeless, as if she already crossed over. My mind was a jumbled mess and my heart felt like it was in my chest and stomach at the same time. I couldn’t think straight, or even see straight. I scooped Samantha off the ground and headed outside. Her body now looked even more lifeless since her arms and legs were dangling as I carried her. I saw the cop lights before I got to the door. I swung the door open. I walked to the sidewalk where there were four cop cars lined up with their sirens going. The loud sirens made my ears ring. I gently sat Samantha down on the sidewalk. I quickly reached back to pick her up after realizing how cold the cement was, but I knew she couldn’t feel it.

Tears were running down my face, and the bright lights burned my eyes. I looked up at the sky and saw the stars. I wish I was up there.

An officer got out his car and made his way over to me. I froze up. “Hello, my name is Sargent Watson and I received a call about a drunk teen passing out”, he said. I gulped. “Listen, sir, I don’t know what happened”, I said. “She told me to get her some water and I did, once I got back to give her the water, she was on the floor”. The man looked at me and down at Samantha. “How much did she drink and what did she drink, do you know?” he said. I placed my hands on the sides of my face. “No, she didn’t drink anything”, I said. I then remembered the drink Sergio got for her. “Oh wait! Sergio gave her a drink, well, I gave her the drink but it was from Sergio”, I explained. “Okay, and is Sergio here?’ the cop asked. “Yeah, everyone is still in the house”, I said. I turned around and headed to the house. The cop followed me. I held the door open for him as he entered the house and I walked in after him. The house was empty. “They were here”, I said. “Sergio!” I screamed. Silence. Everyone was gone.

“Okay, kid”, Ima have to take you in for some questioning until we can speak to the other people who may have more information on this. The cop and I walked back outside. I looked down at the sidewalk where I had put Samantha. She was gone. My heart skipped a beat. “She’s gone”, I whispered. “Samantha’s gone!” I yelled. The cop’s eyes went wide. We both looked left and right. “What in tarnation is going on tonight?” he spat. “Is this some kind of sick joke?!” he yelled at me. “No!” I don’t even know what’s going on”, I exclaimed. My knees were all wobbly. “Just get in the car, I have to take you down to the station”, he said. I got in the back seat. It was cold, and eerie. I never could imagine being in the back of a cop car. I felt guilty, as if it was all my fault. No one was here to take the blame or the weight of it, so I had to carry it. It was heavy and achy.

The cop started the engine. I looked into the side view mirror. I blinked twice. I saw blonde, beachy hair swinging left to right as the girl walked on. Her back was facing me. That was the last I saw of her.



The End

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