Chapter 1Mature

One year earlier…

I stepped out of the shower and slipped on the wet tiles stretching to grab the phone. I groaned and looked at my watch; only one person could be calling this late.

“Hello,” I said, struggling to dry myself while holding the phone between my ear and shoulder. 

“Heeeyyy Shawn. How’s it going?” came my brother’s drunken voice barely audible with the loud music playing in the background.

“Hi Brett.” I sighed; he was drinking at the bar again. “Can I call you back? I was about to…” I moved the phone away as the DJ announced the next song.

“What?” he said with a chuckle. “Sorry, I’m at the bar.”

“I’ll call you back later, I was…”

“Can you come over for a few minutes? I have something important to…” his voice trailed off. “Well hello there, how are you sweetness?”

I rolled my eyes. Danyael, or Brett as the humans knew him, was a lost cause. Every time I had plans, he had to interrupt them, it’s like he had a sixth sense.

“Wouldn’t it be great if someone invented some kind of device that would allow two people to talk to each other while being far away? Oh wait, they did… it’s called a CELL PHONE!  Why can’t you tell me now?”

A group of people started to talk loudly behind him. “What? You bought a new phone?” he said trying to speak over the noise.

I swore under my breath, he was doing this on purpose. “I have things to do. Can’t this wait until you get back home?”

The small two bedroom apartment we shared was twenty minutes away from the bar but that’s not what was stopping me from going, it was the humans. I wanted nothing to do with them. The only reason I hid amongst them was to keep my brother safe.

“Just get over here, you’re not that far away,” he added on a serious tone.

I exhaled heavily; this was going to be a long night. “Alright, I’ll be there soon,” and hung up.

It was pointless to argue with someone who had the attention span of a squirrel. And just like that, my plans to finish the pile of work that awaited me crumbled.

There is a very fine line separating a genius from an idiot and I couldn’t tell which side Danyael was on most of the time.

An early summer breeze blew in from the window as I finished drying myself, sending chills running up and down my body. I looked outside wondering if a Hunter might be staring back. We hadn’t seen one in a long time which was uncommon. Had we finally lost them or were they plotting their next attack?

I closed the blinds, carefully pulled my wings away from the human disguise and wrapped them around me, enjoying their warmth. The once soft and pure white feathers had lost their shine during our fall from Heaven, a day none of us could ever forget. The now gray and tarnished wings were a constant reminder that no one remains pure without Father’s grace.

I shook the thoughts away and dug through the drawers for something to wear. Fashion was something I cared very little for. Humans however, were particularly fond of it. The fact that pieces of clothing could grant promotions or attract lovers seemed absurd to me.

I picked a simple white shirt and a pair of jeans and left the apartment with a bad feeling in my gut.

Humans… I shuddered.

The End

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