Brick WallMature

Her eyes nearly doubled in size. “The V.I.P. lounge?” I nodded. “Really? Wow. I’d love to!”

Maybe it was all the drinks I had taken that night, but just being next to her lightened my mood. “Good. I’ll go set a table for us. You guys can join me when you’re ready.” She walked back to her friends with a stunned look on her face.

I filled a serving tray with three beers, a coffee and a bowl of popcorn and made my way to the lounge. I nodded to a man at the top of the stairs and set the tray on a quiet table in the corner. After placing the glasses down, I looked over my shoulder, still no signs of them yet, and I slightly readjusted the chairs. Why was I nervous? This wasn’t my first date. And this wasn’t even a date at all. I took a deep breath and looked at the lounge’s entrance once again. Anxiety stabbed at my stomach. They were here. But someone was blocking the way. Oh no, I had forgotten to warn the doorman.

He had his arms crossed over his chest. “The boss just walked by and didn’t say anything about…”

I tapped Brandon on the shoulder, “It’s ok they’re with me.” Danyael had reassigned him to the lounge entrance seeing as he wasn’t ready to guard the main entrance. Funny enough, Brandon took this as a promotion.

He flinched and moved aside to let them in, “Sorry boss.” He was still wearing his silly sunglasses.

I thanked him and put a hand on Emily’s back, smiling warmly. I could be charming at times. “The table’s right this way,” I said pointing in the corner. She thanked me and walked towards the table with Crystal in tow.

Devon paused a few feet in front of me and turned around. His face was hard as stone. He motioned towards Emily with his head. “Just so we’re clear, that’s my little sister.” He stood straight, puffed out his chest and stepped forward, standing an inch from my face. “One false move, and I’ll break you in half.”

I nodded and returned his stare without flinching. He was my height and had roughly the same build but I would still easily defeat him a fight if it came to that. However, something in his eyes told me I was better off staying on his good books. I swallowed hard and looked away, playing the submissive part. It worked perfectly and he turned away to join the ladies at the table.

Devon took one of the beers, sat down and kept his eyes fixed on me. I took the cup of coffee and smiled nervously. I could tell he loved being in control and watching me squirm like a bug under his heel made him happy. Was Emily worth all this? This was going to be a long night.

Crystal sat next to Devon, wrapped her arm around his and smiled up at him. He kissed her once on the lips and returned his burning stare on me. “Great,” I thought. There was nothing like an overprotective family to ruin an evening. I looked around for a way out of this mess but Danyael was nowhere to be seen, Cindy was handling the counter well on her own and Brandon wasn’t harassing anyone.

“Calm down” Brett whispered in my mind.

“Not now, this is far from an emergency.” I projected back to him.

“Not from where I’m standing.” I could feel his amusement. “Relax and enjoy yourself. She won’t flirt with you if you act like a brick wall.”

I grumbled and pushed him out of my mind. He had an answer to every problem. “Alright,” I thought. Let’s enjoy this a little. I took a deep breath and steeled my mind. Ready to find out what the humans were really all about.

The End

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