Sam Prime: The Awakening

An unsuspecting 16 year old boy from Penang, Malaysia moves to a small town in Ohio, America and discovers his hidden supernatural abilities. A surprising amount of love and loss also heads his way.

Sam Prime: The Awakening
by NikNayme(Ben Kin Lim) and FrhFra(Farah Aina) 

Chapter One: Introduction. 

  The sound of someone knocking on his door made Sam wake up from his slumber. His eyes shot open, and they were slightly red due to him sleeping only four hours. The knocking continued, Sam moaned as the knocking got gradually louder.

“Open up!” his mother demanded from the other side of the door. He merely groaned and staggered to the door, resembling a person with a hangover. He turned the doorknob swiftly, and gave his mother a saccharine smile.

  “Yes, mother dearest?” he grinned sleepily. His mother smiled sadly at him.
   “Have you finished packing?” she inquired, looking around his room. His room was empty, except for the big cardboard boxes towering. “Yes,” he mumbled, and said something about how moving to America was stupid and staying in Malaysia was better.

His mother’s face grew a little dark.
  “America will be nice,” she said reassuringly, patting his back. He simply rolled his clear blue eyes at the improbable statement and nodded when his mother threw him a look. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and mumbled, “Yeah, whatever.”
      “Now get ready . . .” his mother began. “We leave for America in three hours.”

                                                      * * * * * * *

   Sam sighed heavily as he picked up his backpack and slung it over his shoulder. He started walking to the seating area to wait for their flight. The rest of his family were browsing through the many airport shops.

  He dropped the backpack on the chair and sat down, with another sigh. He looked around the airport, thinking that this was the last thing he’d see of Malaysia before he went to the States. He snorted. To think, after all those arguments between him and his friends about how there were little Malaysian history compared to European history, now he’ll have the chance to learn more European history. But by this point, he would give anything just to stay in Malaysia, no matter how little the amount of history was there

    He could still remember telling his friends about the drastic move; Stu Pitt, he was as freaked out as Sam was in the beginning, but he accepted the fact that his friend was moving to America, quite well. He gave him an old Queen’s CD for him to listen to as a goodbye gift. Sarah, she was equally crestfallen as Sam, but wished him good luck and told him to take care of himself in America. Aliff, the guy who hated Sam’s guts, merely gave him a smile but quickly changed it into a frown. He told Sam that he’ll be missed and that he’s never met anyone as amazing as Sam was (Sam had a feeling that Ahmad was downright lying). Farynna, one of his many girl friends, wailed and sobbed. She complained about not going to have a friend to debate trivial matters with anymore, and that none of her other friends were as smart as he was. She gave a farewell gift to him; her complete limited edition of the Percy Jackson books and threatened, “I’ll cut your head off, slice your body into pieces and give your bones to some hungry dogs!” (she said it with a straight face, too) if he lost any of the books.

     He thought about his school, and how it will be a pity to leave it. And just when he was starting to really get into softball, too!
     Sam was so deep in thought, thinking about his experiences in Malaysia, that he did not hear the woman on the PA announcing their flight. His mother came up to him and put her hand on his shoulder, which made his thoughts pop like a bubble.

      “It’s time to go, Sam.” his mother smiled. The boy nodded quickly, took his bag and walked with his mother to board the airplane.

        He looked around the Kuala Lumpur International Airport for what may be the last time, and said a silent goodbye as he boarded the plane, heading towards Ohio, America.

        He couldn’t help but notice a girl with long golden blond hair and shimmering violet eyes boarding the same plane, but he shook his head, how can a person have purple eyes?

                                                  * * * * * * *

   “Sam! Sam, wake up!”
     “Mmhmm?” he mumbled in his sleep. His sister rolled her eyes and shook his shoulders. “We’re here!” that got Sam awake.

      He looked terrible; the dark circles below his eyes were visible, and his eyes were sore from lack of sleep. He figured the reason was because of the news that they were moving to America was such a shock that it drove sleep away from him. He rubbed his eyes and grabbed his backpack and followed his sister out of the airplane.

       When he stepped out of the airplane, a sharp summer breeze hit him. Despite the occasional wind, it felt scorching hot; “Malaysia never had this kind of weather,” he muttered to himself grumpily as he shed off his jacket and stuffed it in his backpack.

        “At least it’s not winter,” his sister said, giving a small smile.
      All of the passengers walked out of the airplane and into the airport. When Sam walked through those automatic doors, a wave of cold air breezed against him, which made him grab his jacket from his bag and put it back on.

       “Welcome to Lima, Ohio.” a stewardess greeted, showing them the way inside the airport. Sam merely ignored the woman and looked the other way.
        “I’m hungry,” his brother complained.  
       “Not me,” replied Sam, in an irritated manner. His brother threw him a glare.His father shook his head lightly at the immaturity of his sons. “Let’s go eat.” he said. Sam’s brother, Jake, did a fist pump while Sam groaned loudly. All he wanted was to sleep on a soft bed. 

    But then, Sam saw that blond haired girl again. He stared at her as she walked by him casually. The girl was wearing a long beige coat, with a navy blue coloured shirt on the inside. Her leggings were a dark grey colour, and her eyes still shimmering that shade of violet. Weird, Sam thought, he must not have been getting enough sleep. Her sneakers squeaked on the floor as she walked in front of him, and he couldn’t help but blush. Disappointed that she ignored him, Sam lowered his head to stare at his New Balance shoes which immediately reminded him of Malaysia.

The End

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