Take a break in the nearest cheap establishment

I decided to head to the health spa and visit the mayors wife, I always had a way with the ladies. But the crazy notion soon passed and I decided to take a break in the tricky sister. Its not that I didn’t trust Bernie, but the guy would do anything for cash, or a photo of Bogie. I was sure I would see the case a lot clearer after a few drinks, and if I didn’t it would at least dull the screeching of the latest cabaret act, which I’m sure was the only reason Pete ever employed them.

 Twisted Pete was one of my oldest friends, if you could call him a friend which I constantly did cos it sure helped him to forget how much money I owed. The bar wasn’t the classiest of joints but in my kinda work that’s an advantage, helps you learn about the criminal type, that’s why I went there, not cos it was the cheapest place in town. I ordered a triple something, its best not to ask what and settled myself at the end of the bar. I swallowed the toxic smelling drink and even for one of Petes concoxions that was not normal. It tasted as though I had swallowed a mix of lighter fluid and battery acid, I ordered another immediately.

 I regained consciousness in a small dark room which judging by the smeared mirror on the wall I took to be the dressing room for one of Petes acts. The door was locked, somehow that didnt surprise me, this day was going from bad to worse.

The End

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