See if the bailiffs have gone so you can sneak back in the office

 I fought the urge to run and hide on the grounds that I didn’t have the necessary cash, or any cash infact! I decided to try my luck at the office, see if there was anything I could pawn, sell or barter for my ticket out of there.


 The Bailiffs seemed to have left and coincidentally so had the entire contents of my office, right down to the open sign on the door this had gone too far! I stared at the remains of my room with a mix of horror, and disbelief the place could ever be so clean.


 I walked over to my wall safe, now rudely exposed, they had taken my home made detective of the year award which usually hid it. Judging from the scratches in the wall they had tried to take the safe too! Fortunately for me the safe held my most prized possessions and now quite possibly the only things that could save me from this situation, a signed photograph of Humphrey Bogart, my lunch, the home phone number for Miriam Mendes, reporter for the local echo, and a copied key for the money slot of the payphone downstairs.


 I was considering my first move when I herd footsteps on the stairs, I planned to duck behind the door incase it was the crazy dame from the Lard and ladle, only they had taken the door as well. To my horror it was an estate agent showing a young couple around my office, clearly the bailiffs had a lot of faith in my paying up, unfortunately they were probably right. I made myself scarce after a rather large hint from the estate agent involving the use of language I don't like to repeat. I stood in the lobby and considered my next move.

The End

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