"Some girl with amnesia and a huge temper!"

"You're Some girl with amnesia and a huge temper!" I replied, following it with a shrug and a weak smile. Somehow she didn't seem impressed, and neither was I when she slammed my door so hard my glass door shattered in its frame, thats what you get for shopping bargain sweedish homeware stores, I pushed past my hatstativ and katender and stepped through my door. 

"Hey lady" I called down the hall at the rapidly vanishing figure beating an aggressive tune on the walls with her suitcase. Her reply wasn't really suitable for print but involved a detailed description of places I could shove my hat, none of which really appealed to me, and few of which were physically possible.

"Lady don't be like that" I called staggering down the hall as quickly as a back spent sprawled over my desk would allow, the door to the building was open, it was a block of offices reserved for the towns finest buisnessmen, a dental surgery with a sign reading den i t and what looked like blood on the door handle, a divorce attorney with a drink problem and a deli called Larrys meat were the only others in the building, although Larrys meat was still closed pending an investigation. 

The street seemed deserted and the lights for the bar opposite flashed at me mockingly, I had to find the dame, I needed the cash! Then the silence was broken...

The End

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