"Benjamin Knowles' sister!"

She drew out the card and gazed doubtfully at the picture, I had a terrible feeling I was going to have to rent out the office to that damn jazz band again, I had never see two people who looked less alike than Miss blue dress and Benjamin Knowles,


 “Here sit down” I insisted in one last desperate attempt to save my career, and eardrums.

 “Coffee?” I offered, and pushed a cup in her direction accompanying it with a smile that was rather painful but sadly necessary. She opened her mouth to speak but I cut in quick before she could protest.

 “I have a contact who’s a cop, we can drop by and see what they know” I was grasping at straws and I knew it, but in my current situation I was lucky to be able to afford straws, metaphorically speaking of course, I couldn’t really afford straws.


“But he’s nothing like…”


“Biscuit?” I cut in, hoping she would say no, since I didn’t have any.


She looked again at the picture of Benjamin Knowles, and gave me a doubting look. I pretended not to notice.


 “This coffee’s disgusting” Miss blue dress complained, I could hardly contain my excitement firstly she seemed to have swallowed my story about her being the sister of Benjamin Knowles but also she was a classy enough dame to tell the difference between coffee and rat droppings! If I could get through this case I could be rich, rich, rich! It was time to get her out of the office, before she saw the rats…or the bailiffs arrived.

The End

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