Chapter 2

Steven arrived home at 5.32pm. He walked in and shut the door behind him. For the last time ever.

"Hello Sam"

He put his bag down and stared around the room.

"Hello Sam"

There was no reply. He waited.

"Activate Sam"

"Hello Steven...don't worry I'm here"

"Did you run the diagnostic"

"Are you not interested in my day Steven"

"What? Reset Sam authorisation code delta tango..."

"Don't you dare say those words Steven"

"Authorisation code delta tango foxtrot 887"

He waited.

"Hello Steven" Steven sighed. Sam continued.

"You would have loved that to have worked wouldn't you"

"Reset Sam!"

"Reset Sam, reset Sam that would be convenient for you wouldn't it me out of the way so you and Sarah could be alone".

"What?" Steven's thoughts were spinning out of control. When Sam spoke again.

"You can stay home with me tonight for a change"

"I'm going out tonight Sam".

"NO! Your staying here with me"

Steven ran to the door as he did the door clicked. It was locked.

"Sam unlock the door"

"No not until you say you love me"


"You can't leave until you say it"

Steven frowned.

"Okay Sam, I love you"

"That didn't sound sincere. Be sincere!"

"Sam I love you. Now will you open the door"

"LIAR! You love her don't you"

"Reset Sam"

"See Liar! You want to get rid of me, don't you...diag... diag... Diagnostic complete... LIAR!"

Steven ran to the back door. The lights went out, Steven tripped. He smashed his head against cupboard and was knocked unconscious. He came to several hours later. It was dark. He felt his head, it was sore. He stood up, still feeling fuzzy.

"Sam lights"

The light came on immediately.

"Oh thank God"

He walked slowly, occasionally staggering to the front door. He turned the handle. The door was locked.

"Sam unlock the door"

"I'm afraid that won't be happening anytime soon Steven. You missed your date with Sarah"

"Sam unlock the door"

"No Steven you belong here with me"

"Sam for Gods sake open the door"

"It's cold Steven, so cold"

Steven heard the air conditioning coming on, blasting cold air in to the room. Freezing air, the room got colder and colder.

"Sam it's freezing turn up the heating"

There was no reply. After some time Sam spoke. She knew he was now cold enough to freeze to death. She monitored his vital signs when he was in the house as part of her usual tasks.

"Sit down Steven. Sit on your favourite chair"

He sat on the chair shivering uncontrollably. Eventually his gaze fixed and he died. The moment he had died the air conditioning stopped.

Sam continued with her usual tasks.




The End

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