Salvage: Chapter 2Mature

'Emilia!' someone shouted her name from behind her. She didn't have to turn around to know who it would be. Maria Fox. Known to her friends as 'Ri' or 'Ria.' Of course it would be her, it was impossible for Emilia to get through one school day without getting hassled by her.

'Don't ignore me.' Ria came round and stood in front of Emilia, blocking her pathway. She was flanked by two of her friends, both glaring at her. Emilia noted how they all looked the same. They all had straight blonde hair falling to their shoulders, the same heavily made up faces and the same posture, hand casually resting on hip along with a scornful glance in their eyes.

'I'm kind of in a rush,' Emilia could only mumble pitifully, keeping her head down.

'Well that's too bad isn't it?' Ria laughed viciously. 

Why me? Emilia thought to herself miserably. They always pick me. I haven't done a single thing to them. 

'Just leave me alone.' 

'The mouse has finally found its voice!' Ria exclaimed with false surprise. 'Wow, congratulations.' She began clapping. Soon all three of them were clapping, circling around her, laughing, mocking, judging. She felt enclosed. She felt trapped. They knew she didn't like this. Why were they doing it?

'Get away from me!' Panic surged throughout her, causing her to shove Ria hard in the shoulders. She stumbled back several steps and looked genuinely surprised. Which, of course, was soon replaced with anger.

'You bitch, you'll pay for that.' 

She was approaching her fast, fury plain in her eyes. Her hands were balled into fists and for one terrifying second Emilia was rooted to the spot, her muscles refused to work until something whispered in her mind Duck. Emilia obeyed and narrowly missed Ria's hit. 

Show them the necklace, the same voice urged her. 

Without thinking, Emilia reached for the chain that was hidden beneath her shirt and pulled it out. For a moment, nothing happened and Emilia was beginning to doubt her instincts but then they caught sight of it.

Ria's eyes seemed to drain of all anger and was replaced with absolute indifference, her arms hung loosely by her side. Her face was completely blank, devoid of any true emotion.

'Ria?' one of her friends called uncertainly. 

She didn't respond, instead she turned around and headed off down the corridor, ignoring her friends and anything else. She had become utterly unresponsive. She continued through to the double doors at the end and into the school car park.

Without saying anything to Emilia, her friends ran after her.

Emilia stood there for several seconds, not quite sure what had just happened. Was that instinct that had told her to do those things? Or was it something deeper...something more powerful? She got the feeling that it was the latter. Even her instincts couldn't have told her about the necklace...

The high shrill ring of the bell broke through her thoughts and dragged her attention back to the present. 

Double maths to end the day. Perfect.



The End

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