Chapter 6: Marine - Bio Integrity Group (M-B.I.G)Mature

The Scientists told me all about the tests and research they were doing, most of it was about pollution and how they wanted to figure out how much the ocean was really being damaged by the waste dumped into it. When we got to the shore I walked my usual route home, my house is about a mile from the Atlantic Ocean, which mom made sure of because of my “condition”. When I got home mom was sitting on the coach listening to her gospel music. When she saw me smiled and said “so, how was your swim, did you find the answers to the pollution problem yet?” I couldn’t help but laugh a bit “no, but when I was out there I kind-of got caught by some scientists.” I was nervous about her reaction but she must have thought I was kidding because she busted out laughing “yeah, that’s all we need, you to get captured and put into an aquarium.” She got suddenly serious when she saw I wasn’t laughing “wait, you didn’t really get caught did you?” I looked down at the floor trying to think of an answer “well, I went to Alexandria and took my usual rest, nobody ever goes there, and there isn’t fish or anything interesting.” She smirked “unless you’re a marine biologist studying the area for any changes due to pollution.” Now it was my turn to speak and I couldn’t think of anything. “They said I wasn’t the first that they have seen, but the others. They didn’t speak English they had lived their whole lives in the ocean. Once I told them why I was down there they offered me a job, they said I was the ‘ideal marine biologist’ mom, aren’t you happy?”  I hadn’t noticed, but her eyes had tears in them and they were rolling down her cheeks “mom…” “Andrew, pack up your room, we are moving.” I nearly fainted when I heard her say that “but, mom they offered me a job.” This time her response wasn’t sad, it was pissed “They don’t want you to work for them, they want to take you apart so that they can replicate the oxygen absorbing organ you have and put it into more people, they are either going to kill you or you will spend the rest of your life in a damn aquarium! Its okay Andrew, I’m not mad at you, I have planned for this for years. I didn’t know when it would happen, but I knew eventually we would be found out and we would have to move away. Trust me Drew, please don’t make this harder on us.” I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t breathe “but, but what about Jake? We just started dating, he’s absolutely amazing.” “Honey I know its going to be difficult, but you will meet another guy.” Now I felt a sudden pissed feeling “how am I supposed to meet another guy, it’s taken me forever to just meet one.” She sighed, “We are moving to the other coast, there are a lot of guys there.” I felt a shock of happiness “Wait so we are moving to like, Tampa?” her face lit up a little “no, even better. We are moving to L.A.” I nearly fell over “Whoa, like Louisiana or like L.A., California.” She now had a smile ear to ear “Baby we are moving to Californ-I-A!” most of the day and some of the night I spent my time packing everything up. I found it hard to sleep that night; I kept replaying what mom said about how I couldn’t tell anybody I was moving and how we were going to move in the middle of the night, tomorrow night. Everything around me was spinning, I thought I was going to be nauseous then, I fell asleep.  When I awoke the next morning and got ready for school, it was slightly harder since I had packed everything away but I managed to squeeze some clothes out so I could change. When I got to school I was tackled into the grass. “Hey baby” I felt a kiss on my neck and then I was flipped over, when I saw his smile my heart was assaulted by butterflies. Our lips touched and our tongues collided. When we got up, I walked him over to the picnic tables and thought of how to break up with him. When we sat down I started “Everything has been going so amazing, the kisses, the sex, just everything but, ughhhhh, baby I’m-“he interrupted me “you’re breaking up with me?” He didn’t just say it though, he yelled it “Jake, I’m moving.”  I could tell he felt stupid for yelling. “Oh, I’m, sorry for yelling, it’s just. Why?” I sat for a moment until I started lying, again. “I don’t know where we are moving but, today is my last day at school. We have to move because of my mom’s job.” He looked at me as if everything suddenly made sense. “Okay, well good luck.” With that he gave me a kiss and walked away. “Jake!” He turned around “you can’t tell anybody about this. I only told you because, I think I love you.” I could feel tears running down my eyes. This was all fake, pretty much just a drama scene so he would always remember me, and maybe one day I could find him again, and we could be together. “Okay Drew, I promise.” Jake walked away and I walked to class. When it came to Alison i decided her bi-polar behavior was enough to make me not want to tell her and just let her figure it out herself. Throughout the day I pretended like it wasn’t my last day, and that id be back tomorrow, of course this wasn’t an easy task, but I did it. When i was coming up to my bus I saw Jake standing against it, when our eyes met, i saw the tears drift down like snowflakes, his eyes pierced mine and then we embraced, he grabbde the back of my head by the hair pulled my head back and bit my neck, hard but loving he sucked and nibbled until i could feel a bruise forming “this is for you to remember me.” I sighed “okay, I’ll miss you.” And we had our final kiss. Unlike the kisses we previously had this one didn’t leave me feeling euphoric, this one was gut wrenching, i was guilty. When i got home we finished packing up and  when it came to night, we got the moving truck and hit the road, the streetlights blurred as they sped past and when i looked over at my mother, she smiled “It will all be better soon drew, I promise.

The End

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