Chapter 5: My SecretMature

It’s Friday, and today im going to do the thing I live for, truly live for, im going to the beach. When it comes to water, im unlike most guys or girls around, I have this talent, you see, I was born with gills, but not really gills. In my neck I have a special organ than processes water and absorbs the oxygen out of it so that im able to breathe underwater. I also have this awesome thing where I can make the webbings between my fingers extended so I can move more easily underwater, so basically im part fish, maybe I could even be considered a mer-man. My Mom said I was born this way, and that I have a purpose to ‘save the world’ of course I don’t believe I can save the world, but maybe one day I could go to the worst part of the ocean where polution has over-run the area and take photos of the dead sea-life that used to be thriving. I have started taking pictures and I have done many different studies withing the 40 mile radius, oh one more thing about me is that I can swim for hours and not get tired. Most people think it would be cheating for somebody like me  to be in swimming competitions but, when I swim in the competitions I dont use my ‘gills’ or my ‘webbings’ . anyways I have gone to different cities and observed the sea-life. Sometimes, I see a dying area come back alive, and sometimes I see a thriving area die. Today im just swimming for fun, I might even visit my friend  Lana, Lana is a 200 hundred pound great white shark, now i know it sounds insane to call a shark my friend, but to them im like a dolphin, they are intimidated by me, but Lana isn’t. I can’t “talk” to fish, but I can sense thier emotions and they can feel mine, its like communicating but, without specifics.

 The world underwater is amazing, the schools of fish make rainbows of many different colors and even a few I havent seen before, swimming through coral reefs and watching how the sea creatures go about thier day are two of my favorite things to do down here. So I swam to where Lana lives and there she was, laying asleep. I swam next to her and screamed, underwater i learned how to scream to where I was able to be heard and not hurt myself in the process. Lana’s head rose and she glanced at me, I could sense her feeling mixed between annoyed and happy. She got herself up and started to swim around some, when I could tell she was ready, I began to start swimming, we swam to a cliff and nose-dived down until it was pitch black, then swooped up back into the light at a speed where the vivid colors blurred past us. When it was time to eat, we hunted down some mahi-mahi which Lana ate whole. Unfortunatly im still just a human and i had to pick it apart and eat it raw, its a taste i aquired after about ten years of swimming for long periods of time in the ocean. After chowing down we head to an area i have been watching for four years, I live in florida and usually swim to the most deserted areas so i can find a totally untouched place and observe it, I named this place Alexandria. Alexandria is thirty feet deep and it has white sand. It has coral and other plants that are colorful. Alexandria’s current is soft and feels like a light wind, you can still feel the sun, so its not really too cold. The fish population here is mild, they come in in swarms but only as visitors, as they leave shortly. I usually spend a few hours here to lay down and sleep if im tired, and today is one of those occasions so I went to sleep.

 When i awoke Lana was still with me, she was swimming around happily entertaining herself by chasing away any fish that may come my way. As we were swimming back i felt a unusual feeling from Lana. She was sending off signals of pain and fatigue, I quickly looked around and saw scuba divers. I put away my ‘webbings’ and swam up to them, after realizing that they were pointing up to the surface I began my rise to air. Once i hit air, I pretended to gasp uncontrollably,and after being pulled onto the scuba people’s boat, i saw three people on the boat who were talking a once saying “are you injured”, “How were you that deep without a mask and suit”, “why wasn’t the shark attacking you”. I was completely unsure of what to say or do, so i stayed silent. When the scuba divers came up from underwater, I could immediatly tell which one was in charge. He approached me calmly and walked me into the cabin of the boat, this wasn’t a high tech fishing expedition but i could tell they were experienced divers. When the man closed the cabin door i asked “you didn’t kill La- that shark did you.” His eyes showed no emotion, no excitement, nothing “it was a tranquilizer dart. She will be fine.” I was shocked at how calm he was. Especially when he added “now, im only going to give you one chance to tell me why you are out fourty miles from the shore, without a diving suit, and why you were thirty miles underneath the water with a great white shark swimming next to you.” I thought long and hard, but couldn’t think of a single lie that would possibly work, If I had fallen from a helicopter, i would have a life jacket, the same with a boat. And there wasnt a way to explain rationally why a two hundred pound shark hadn’t made me its dinner. So i told him the only thing i could think of “I can breathe underwater.” I said it calmly and assured. “i thought so, we saw you sleeping and we wondered why the shark didn’t eat you. And when you woke up and started swimming around we figured you had some sort of special abilities. What else can you do?” I took a deep breath “I can extend the webbing in my fingers and I can swim extreme distances.” He nodded in approval, as if this was me applying for a job “I have met only two other creatures like you, unfortunatly they didn’t speak english, and had never seen a human before, so i have to ask, how do you know how to speak english?” I couldn’t believe what he was saying, there were more of my kind? “I uh, was born on land. My mother taught me how to speak like any other kid, i even go to high school.” He now smlied “Absolutely amazing, so i have to ask how many people know about this?” I quickly responded “just my mother, she told me i have a job to ‘save the world’, but i dont think that will be happening anytime soon hahaha. I take pictured of certain areas and see how pollution devastates the area, i also keep track of the numbers of fish and the amount of plant-life.” He laughed and said “so, your basically the ideal marine biologist, you can spend hours, probly even days underwater. I know this sounds like too much at once, but would you be interested in an internship at our research facility?” my heart was pounding nervously, images of me strapped to a table with people all around me poking at my insides surged through my head “i don’t know, i would have to talk about it with my mother.” He nodded “okay, we can take you home if you want, so you can talk it over with her. And so if you are interested, I will writ down our number for you.” He quickly pulled a pen and pencil from a drawer and scribbled down his number and handed it to me. I smiled “uhm thanks. I guess you could take me to shore and i could walk home and talk to my mom.” He was now ecstatic “great, now all we have to do is introduce the crew, and don’t worry they are trusted collegues, nothing bad will happen to you.” I dont really understand why i told him what i told him, or why i was so willing to think over his offer, but he sent out this positive aura that made me trust my life to him in an instant. I nodded my head to him and walked out of the cabin, and out to where curious faces were awaiting.

The End

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