Chapter 4: Forgive And ForgetMature

When I got to school I figured it would be a normal and typical day, well once again I was completely wrong. Alison now stands before me with a tray of chocolate/peanut butter muffins “Im sorry Drew-y.” She looked up at me, her eyes filled with remorse and love. “its okay All-y me too.” I gave her a big hug and she said “i made these as a peace offering, before you deny them talking about carbs and fat, these are totally low-fat and, well i made em for ya.” She had this kind-of innocent 5yr. Old look about her today. There was no way i could get out of this so, i took the tray of muffins and ate one, it was awesome so i ate another and decided to keep the rest as a lunch snack and a bus snack. I appraoched my locker and started putting some stufff away and taking some stuff out when i felt a set of lips touch my neck, I turned around and it was Jake holding a rose “hey babe, this is for you.” My heart stopped and suddenly he picked me up and we were kissing. Jake walked me to first period and gave me a final kiss, life rocks. The day sped by and i couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

The End

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