Chapter 3: Dinner TimeMature

Everything is going hectic, I need to clean my room, make sure dinner is ready, make sure there are plenty of things to keep us entertained and not die from anxiety. We had arranged for Jake to come over at 7, its now 6:58 and im pacing at the front door, my mother is in the kitchen and our dog, D.O.G is laying on the couch passed out. I decide to chill out and sit on the couch to wait, but as soon as i sat down i hear our doorell ring, when i opened the door and saw his face  my stomach was suddenly infested with a horde of agitated butterflies “hey, glad you could make it Jake.” Jake smiled and i opened the door for him. I brought him in to meet my mom, who had a big smile and said “Im happy to meet Drew's new friend.I hope you two are hungry dinner will be done in an hour” She emphasized the word ‘friend’ as if to let Jake know that she knew we were dating. After showing him around my house I brought him to my room.

 I walked in first so it woulddn’t be awkward, but as soon as the two of us got in , he closed and locked the door. “your rooms nice drew.” He smiled  “uhm, thanks.” I weakly respond. It felt like it took all my will power to speak to him, i don’t know why it was so difficult to speak to him. “so I figure we need to get this started if we want to make it to dinner on time.” He winked at me. “get, what started?” he quickly pushed me against my wall and we started kissing, his tounge was soft and curious in my mouth, and when they both touched, i could feel myself getting harder. He pulled my shirt off and started kissing my nipple, sucking and nibbling. He moved to my belly  and kissed tenderly, then he bit my hip and moved to the button on my pants. He pulled it open and unzipped my zipper, revealing a boner in my black and white striped boxer briefs, he looked up at me and smiled in enjoyment. He rose up to me and we made out for a little longer and with each touch of our toungues, i could feel myself getting even more aroused. He took off his shirt, showing off his four pack and his well-trimmed ‘happy trail’. This time i decide to take the initiative and i pulled his pants open and off. I began to rub his cock while it was in his briefs, and proceeded in taking off his briefs. He has well maintained pubes and a thick shaft and head, I sucked on the side of the shaft working my way up to the head, when i got to the head, i slowly licked the edges and sucked on the head. I went all the way down on him which gagged me slightly, and i could feel him thrust it slightly  so it would go just a little deeper than i planned and I moved my tounge around on him while it was in my mouth. He pulled me up and spun me around so my back was faced towards the bed, he pushed me over and he fell on top of me on the bed and we begin making out once again.  Soon, i was flipped over and i could feel his cool fingers run down my warm back, i felt them reach my butt and grab my cheecks. Once he let go i looked back and his fingers were in his mouth, he pulled them out slowly and rubbed my hole with them, after he was done i could feel his dick rubbing against my ass, finally finding the hole and slowly entering. He grabbed a hold of my hips and pulled me towards him, making himself completly in me in one thrust, i let out a moan and dropped my head onto a pillow. Each thrust made me let out another soft moan into the pillow. He started real slow and soft then progressed into quick and powerful thrusts that made my whole body shake. I could tell he was nearly done fucking me, he pulled out and i quickly flipped over, he was jacking off quickly and i put my mouth close to his head, he let out a moan and i saw his cum shoot all over my mouth, some went around it and some went inside, it was sweet  and thick. When he was done i licked his head around the edges once more, making him moan in exctacy. “wow.” It was kind-of embarassing not knowing what else to say, but really that was the best sex i ever had. “well, i can say hands down that i have never gotten head as good as that before.” I laughed and said “thanks, hahaha. So dinner wont be ready for like 10 more minutes, wanna play a game.” “what do you got?”

After about 15 minutes of playing Call Of Duty Mom called us down for dinner. Mom had made spicy beans and rice with mashed potatoes and Bbq chicken, nobody spoke at dinner except for Moms random questions and Jakes compliments on Moms cooking. After we ate dinner we went back up to my room to finish our game of call of duty. When we went in Jake locked the door again and pushed me onto the bed “Again?” i laughed excitedly “of course.” He replied. This time he didn’t go through the hassle of taking all our clothes off, he layed me on my back and pulled my pants to my knees, he then lifted my legs and bent then against my chest, he was already hard, so he put his head in and worked the shaft completely in. Unlike the last time he didn’t start out soft and slow, this time he started pounding me fast and relentlessly, this lasted about ten mintutes until he came, i felt a surge of warmth flow into my ass and i moaned in pleasure. After we cleaned ourselves up again we finished our game and i walked him outside. He pushed me against his car and we made out for what felt like forever, after we were done i grabbed his ass and went inside. My day was perfect.  “you two are so cute, and he sure is a wild one, i could hear you two from the kitchen, next time would you give me a warning so i could turn up the t.v. before you start?” now, as wierd as that sounds me and my mother are extremely close like this, i could tell her anything, literally anything and i wouldn’t have to worry about it being held against me or have to worry about being teased about it, we were cool like that. “sure mom hahahaha.” I went to my room and plopped in my bed, my day couldnt have been any better.

The End

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