After what happened yesterday between me and Jake, we decided to be a couple. It was wierd at first coming to school today, seeing him there waiting for me. I walked up to him and gave him a hug “wha-“ he interupted me with a hard passionate kiss, in front of everybody. I heard alot of different reactions “ewww” “Fags” “Nasty!” and the often “awwww” when he released me, I felt like i was walking on air “so, uhm, that was nice...” he smiled “wait till we are in bed.” He winked and grabbed my ass. My mouth almost unhinged and hit the floor .Now im not much of a person for PDA, mostly since everything ive done with guys has been in private, but this, this i could deffinatly get used to. The day went great, that was until swimming class when Alison saw me and jake holding hands. She walked up with a disaproving face “so, this is your new sex toy of the month.” She hissed “All-y? Chill out.” She was even more mad now “so what, your just going to go and replace me like that.” “whats your malfunction All-y? Im G-A-Y. We were never going to be together.” Suddenly I realized why she always put me down about guys I liked. She scoffed “yeah like I’ll ever believe that. I saw the way you looked at me yesterday, you totally checked me out, and anyways we were meant to be together.” Jake cut in “Look chick hes not interested in smelling like fish from your nasty twat, so take your stink to someone else to try and whore with.” I was amazed he spoke with such raw effectiveness, I was even amazed when instead of slapping him, she slapped me.” Thats for not sticking up for me asswipe, have fun being a fag. I hope you get AIDS!” my heart and stomach suddenly dropped “Not unless you get kidnapped and raped first, fucking two cent gutter slut.” Her face twisted into was a combination of furious and heart-broken, but after what she said to me, she could seriously have that happen right now and I would laugh my ass off. She stormed off leaving me and Jake in total silence. When I was saying goodbye to Jake he said he wanted to come over later tonight, i said I’ll call him to make sure its okay with my mom. He pinned me against the bus and we makeout for a solid 2 minutes before he released me and i boarded my bus, i had the biggest smile on my face, and i was in the clouds.

The End

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