Salty KissesMature

Drew Is an Almost Normal 17yr. old in sunny florida
He has a secret, and he found a guy who makes him feel alive again, but how will this new guy Jake respond to finding out everything about Drew.

Salty Kisses                                                                                Chapter 1: Semester 2

“Drew!” I looked around to try and find the voice who was calling me, but there were people everywhere, this is school and everybody is yelling in excited tones about thier new class schedules since its second semester. My schedule is unfortunatly the same, but I don’t really mind, change isn’t my thing. My first class is Marine biology followed by Algebra 2, American history, English 3, those are my academic classes and conveniently I get them all over with in the begining of the day. After the academic classes I have Culinary 3 and Swimming and Diving 3. “Drew, over here!” I take another look around me and I see her, short shorts, leggings, heels and a tube top, she wears a faux fox jacket and a beanie, This chick has long blonde hair and bright green eyes, her name is Alison and she is my best friend “so, did you get your new schedule Drew-y” I couldn’t help but smile at the nickname she gave me “yes All-y, but I have the same classes.” Her face lit up like a bonfire “really? Thats awesome, i decided to take swimming and diving 1, so we will have that together and i was put in english 3 in the same period you have it.” Now my face was lit up “seriously, thats killer hun.”

 Thats when I saw him, he was tall, long surfer hair and eyes as blue as the deep part of the ocean. Of course he didn’t see me, like usual but, evertime he was around I felt a chill around me “what are you looking at Drew?” Alison was confused, I hadn’t been listening to what she has started saying. She turned enough to see the beauty I was enamered by, she sighed “oh, drew. I hate to tell you this but hes way out of your league.” I looked back at her, snapped out of my boy induced haze “yeah, I know. It just sucks ya know.” She smiled sympathetically and we went our seperate ways until english. My day was filled with in depth sexual fantasies about him and when swimming and diving class came around my heart dropped to discover he was in this class, along with a bunch of other hot guys. The only downside to being in this class was that I had to control my thought so I wouldn’t get hard in front of everybody, since this is a swimming class we wore the skin tight shorts, and some guys (trying to impress the chicks) wear speedos. Today since we had a new class of guys, and girls the coach told us to “pair up with one other person of the same sex, so we wouldn’t try anything dirty. So we could go over the procedures of CPR and perform them.” My heart was pounding so hard I thought I was going to have a heart attack, that was until I saw him partner with his friend.

I stood around waiting for somebody to pick me, but of course I was partner-less, like usual. I stood around and watched the guys on top of the other guys with thier mouths touching, I didn’t realize how lucky I was that I had no partner until now, then a doors opened and a guy walked in, he must have went to the wrong class because he was atleast ten minutes late. He walked upo to the coach and he pointed to me “Andrew Reynolds, this boys name is Jake Marshall, teach him how to do it and hurry because we will be getting in the water soon.” I turned to Jake who was now next to me, he had brown eyes with flakes of gold and green, so I guess it was considered hazel. Jake had an ‘emo’ haircut and his hair was black with brown streaks, he had smudged eye-liner and hardly any tan,  but despite him not being a normal guy on my ‘Hot List’ he was actually really attractive. “so do you know how to perform CPR?” he looked at me unsurely “um yeah, I think so, I have a medical class and we went over it briefly.” I felt reassured “okay then, lay down and I will do it to you then, you can try it on me.” He smiled big and said “maybe you should take me on a date first.” We both laughed for a while at that and then he laid down and I started the procedure, when our lips touched and our mouths opened, I felt like we were going to make out and next thing i know his tounge is in my mouth and we are making out, it was only for a few seconds but i was hard as a rock and i could feel he was too. “okay, hahaha I didn’t expect that.” He sat up “well, I had a feeling that you were checking me out and I couldnt resist it.” I felt so embarrassed now “uhm yeah, I guess I was. Your turn now...” he got on top of me tilted my head back he did everything correctly without making a move, but i couldn’t help it at this point. I grabbed him by the back of the head and our tounges touched, it felt like they were dancing between us, then i let him go and he wiped his mouth “ I think im going to like this class.” I couldn’t help but smile at that response “ Me too hahaha.” We went over to the pool, climbed onto the diving platform and dove in. This semester is going to be amazing.

The End

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