The First Message

Choking. Something cold and thick wrapped around her neck, suspending her in darkness.

"I come to you first." Words surrounding her, but no voice. "I will come to others, but you hear first. I know you will hold this in secret, just as I know you will endeavor hardest to see my demand met. I want a wife from among you. I want one of your own. Provide me a bride, or all will choke, in the sea or in your dreams. "

The hold was loosed; she drifted into the abyss.


Come morning, Lucille Meriweather showed no signs of anything out of the norm. She made her rounds in town, sending a few letters and swapping gossip at the post office, buying a bar of scented soap, a jar of glue and some envelopes at the general store, and asking two pork chops at the butcher's.

Unnoticed by all she met that day, sometimes even herself, every few moments her hand would reach to her throat, and rub absently.

The End

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