The Echo of "Father"

There were many people chattered along the road; most of them were children and teenagers. Peter could only hear their laughs. His eyes were fixed on the ground on which he steps lightly. He could also see their shadows which gave the impression that they all were the same copy. The moment he lifted his head, he caught the sight of a father and his little boy. The boy was younger than Peter,  he was holding his father's hand; calling, "Father! Father! I want some candy," pointing at the candy shop. Peter's neck twisted as he was watching them, continuing his walking.

That scene flooded memories in his mind. The echo of "Father!" brought him back to old days.

"I want my father back!" He cried silently, "I want those days back!"

The school was coming closer, and it was blurry.

There, everybody looked at Peter in envy that he was a high achiever last year. Then, his friends came. The sad thoughts disappeared. He joined a new class. Some faces were new, but his mind was busier than thinking of people. His eye-lids framed only one face, Nara's face.

Nara was a popular violin player. She was a mixture of green eyes, black hair, and ivory skin. Peter liked her very much.

“Hello!” said Peter, his voice shook.

“PETER!!” She said loudly, vividly as if she missed him. “I just asked Alex about you,”

He blushed, “How was your summer?”

“Great! I went camping, participated in violin contests, many fun activities. Why didn’t you go camping with us? You used to go every summer.”

“Well, I don’t know. Mum thought it was not a very safe place, I might get lost in the wood or get attacked by a snake or something. I think she may be right.”

“No! you know that we have guides, they are adults, and they know the place very well, next time, I will ask her to let you go with us.”

“Instead of camping, I traveled with mum to see grandma. We stayed there two months.”

“I can tell it was boring.”

“Less boring than my dull house.”

Shelton was becoming a too protective mother after the death of her husband who died in a strange way. He was shot accidentally by a fugitive prisoner who had tried to shoot the officer who had been running after him.

The days now were running normally at school until the day that changed Peter’s life in all the ways.

The End

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