Salt Water

I can only stand here as you fade away, and my being becomes one with the salt water.

I tried to catch up. I ran through the waves, fighting the salt water that tried to push me back, evading the dangers. Nothing mattered but catching up. I was getting closer and closer. I couldn’t make it, though. She appeared out of nowhere, shoving me backwards into the water, incredibly strong. I fell on my back, coughing salt water, spluttering, and watched as she ran ahead towards you. I tried to pick myself up, tried to stand and grab her, pull her back, but I couldn’t. The tide turned, pushing me back, preventing me from reaching you. 

I could only watch as she fell into step next to you. You turned, surprised, completely oblivious to what had just happened behind you, and she smiled at you. You smiled back, then glanced over towards me, and she shrugged, playing dumb. My eyes met yours for a minute, and I begged you to turn back, come running back and save me. I was begging you to leave her for me, the one who’d been there for you, the one who you acted like you cared about, not her, who you’d barely even spoken to.

But as I choked, you glanced away, torn for a moment. Then you abruptly turned your back on me, linking your hand with hers. Not even a regretful glance, not even a silent apology. You gave me nothing. Just turned away, forgetting about everything we had, not considering what we could have been. 

We could have been perfect. You even said it yourself later, if she hadn’t been there, you would have chosen me. But on that fateful day, you chose her.

You never knew. Or maybe you just didn’t care, didn’t ever even consider what I did. But there were all those moments when I’d really thought you cared.

It was all fake. I was wrong. How I long to really know the truth. What did you really think of me? Were you just using me? What happened?

But I wasn’t the one, and I can only stand here as you fade away. I can only stand here as you press your lips to hers. The tears run down my face, adding to the already overwhelming taste of salt. I can only watch as you slip away from me forever, and my body, my being, becomes one with the salt water.


The End

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