James "Jay" Devereux, being a familiar, has spent the better part of his life on the run from witches trying to force bonds and use his powers. Disliked by regular humans and distrusting of witches, James believes that working alone is the only way that he can get by. But just when he thinks he'll be able to settle down for awhile and take a break from running from place to place, Luca Daniels - a powerful witch - waltzes into his life.

There is something strangely sacred about salt.
It is in our tears and in the sea.

-Kahlil Gibran



The cell doesn’t have bars. It’s a single room with a window and a heavy metal door that Jay doesn’t even have a chance of breaking through. The walls, the ceiling, and the floor are all white. The cot, toilet, and door are all a grayish, off-white color.

It could be like isolation—he is alone, after all. But he can see people through the window, bustling around. His captors. He’s been here long enough that he doesn’t feel the exposure and vulnerability that the window gives. His every move is watched, written down and meticulously recorded. Every breath he takes, every toss in his sleep, every time he takes a piss.

The worst thing about it is that the only thing he can do to pass the time is sleep, and think. Think about where Luca is at. Think about how he might get out of here. Think about perhaps sticking his head in the toilet so he could drown himself.

He doesn’t, though. He can’t imagine what kind of pain Steve would go through—literally go through—if Jay did that.

So he falls asleep dreaming of salt.

The End

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