Looming streetlights illuminate the dark streets a dull amber, their reflections sparkle and ripple in the murky puddles. Few cars are scattered about the otherwise empty car park, abandoned across two parking spaces. I approach the supermarket, it’s bold lettering lights the golden leaves that fall from the oak tree next to it. It’s doors reluctantly open, sighing heavily as they slide appart. The tiles at the entrance are scuffed and muddy, shiny with rainwater from it’s few customers that seek refuge here. Rain drums on the large glass windows, matching the beat of the muffled music coming from the few speakers dotted about the store. As I walk in I am bombarded by signs, “SALE WHILE STOCKS LAST!” printed in large white letters on the cherry red backgrounds. Stocks must last a long time here, as these signs are fraying at the corners, the colours fading, the card torn. I browse the ailse, perusing the rejected brands that line the crooked shelves. “Munster munchers, 25p a pack!” The same vibrant red print covers the wall of the shelf. “Haribob gummy snakes, 79p!” I laugh to myself, secretly counting the rip-off brands on the fingers of my left hand. Finally I find what I have been searching for. I grab a trolly and push it down the dairy ailse. Its wheels utter whines of protest, twisting and insisting that we go the other way. Forcefull I push it, with a last disgruntled squeek it begins to move in a relatively straight line, clattering across the chips and grooves in the floor. I grab a carton of milk from the fridge, carefully searching the product for a sell-by-date. “10-12-2009.” At least the products sold are in date and not disease ridden. However upon closer inspection I find a small, raised bump. “This better be braile.” I mutter under my breath. I scratch at the lump with my key, eventually it peels away like the rind of a fruit, revealing the actual sell-by-date. I tut loudly as I toss the carton to the ground carelessly. It lands with a loud “thud” echoing around the empty store. I smile at the dissaproving glances of the few other people who dare enter this wretched place.

The End

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