:D I FOUND MY OLD PROFILE! It's listed as anon but this was my most favorite piece I wrote ^_^ And I swear it's true ask anyone

The familiar sounds and smells of the salon envelope me, the air thick with the heavily perfumed scent of hairspray. Dense condensation on the window clouds my view of the cold, miserable outside. A single droplet forms, as it slides soundlessly down the window it carves a path into the fog, before finally resting on the windowsill. The same conversation emanates from each sink and mirror, reverberating around the small room in a harmony.

A dark haired woman bounces towards me, face plastered with a beaming smile. “May I help you?” She chimed. With one free hand she flicks open a worn book crammed full of illegible scrawls. Her finger traces down the crisp, creased page, resting on my name. “Ellie?”
I nod slowly, unsure of the fake-friendliness this stranger has adopted.
“Please take a seat over in the waiting area; we’ll be right with you.”
I slump into a plush leather seat, grabbing a worn magazine. Cleverly hidden beneath are numerous coffee stains, rings of mucky yellow-brown contrast against the cheap beech wood table. I flick through the crumpled pages, past the never-ending stream of blonde models, faces plastered with make-up.
“Hi Ellie, would you like to take a seat over by the mirror please?”
The hairdresser throws an scrawny old towel around my shoulders, grabbing my head forcefully and turning it towards the mirror. She doesn't have to ask what cut I want, It's always the same, short bob. I answer her questions, an obvious attempt at polite conversation.Most of the answers are second nature to me now. Her laughter has a melodic tone to it, like a fine glass being flicked. I allow myself a secret smile as I listen to the idle chat of customers and the rhythmic clicking of scissors.

The End

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